Pero Kovačević, source: Facebook

According to many embarrassed, unnatural and exclusively interested national coalitions of the HDZ and HNS and its impact on the events in Zagreb, we have commented with the lawyer and the former Speaker of Parliament and Assembly, Perom Kovacevic.

Comment on yesterday's events and events back in a few days. It seemed that none of the famous coalition of HDZ and HNS, but the agreement was reached ?!

If someone before the 10 years publicly stated that the HNS and HDZ would become allies, they would have said it was a joke or a provocation. However, today it really became, by the one - "All for power, and power no matter". What is the link between HDZ and HNS for this alliance? Nothing, only one wants to stay in power, and others want to go back to power and keep the sinks they had already had. As this new alliance will present to Croatia and what program it will have, it will be really interesting to see because, I say, I really do not see any other links except that the HDZ retains power and that HNS comes again to power and protect its sinks in view of losses in local elections.

Are there any real wishes for the prosperity of the country for you, or is it solely about the interests of individuals and parties who have entered this, many, unnatural coalition?

Whether there is spending or spending 120 million for new elections, I do not know, but I just do not see their joint program. They will certainly argue well, everyone will defend themselves. HNS will certainly say that, as Vrdoljak spoke in his status, he took the initiative to address the issue of educational reform. Everyone will find some other excuse, and this is actually about demagoguery. But time will show whether it is possible to convey these external standards in Croatia, or some other impetus.

How is their ideology not important now? Since Croatia has been listening to the ideology, especially the last few years. The right and left, Ustashas and Partisans, the "patriots" and the "haters" of Croatia - do not stop at first - and now it does not matter anymore?

This is the greatest paradox. And the past national campaigns, and the last part of this local campaign, were again all in the name of ideology. In Zagreb, for example, Vrdoljak and Anka Mrak Taritaš said that the name of Marshal Tito Square will not change. So again, they came back to that topic, so it's really interesting, especially when we remind ourselves how many leaders and both others have feared that there is no cooperation and no alliance. But we will see what is there, now the PR services of both parties will try to do theirs - the HDZ electors convince it is the only way to defeat the left in Croatia, and HNSs that this is the only way to defend the educational reform. It will be interesting, and we will also learn something new about PR.

HNS city representative in the past and future assembly of the City Assembly Tomislav Stojak, a frequent critic of Bandic and HDZ, as well as their cooperation in the Assembly, yesterday voted for their partnership parties with HDZ. Let us remind you that the HDZ government is already supported by Milan Bandic, how do you comment on it ?!

Nothing new on the Croatian political scene. That's how it goes with us. So, see how HDZ members at the Presidency session unanimously supported Plenkovic, like Karamarko, then tell the journalists some stories - we did not know it, so it is not. So is this variant, that is our politicians who do not have my own, which one speaks to the public, but not with their name, and the other speak at official party meetings.

How will this whole national situation reflect on Zagreb and the assembly of the majority in the City Assembly? Bandic will likely support HDZ, perhaps Brunette Esih, HNS will set up its club and they do not want to, say, Stojanka ...

I think that, above all, the situation is simpler, I think that there will be a coalition of Bandic and Bruno Esih because it is evident that there will be no new early elections, and Bandic will eventually have to get rid of the Zagreb Marshall Tito Square, which is the condition of Hasanbegović and Brune Esih. Bandic will have to agree to that, and I believe that they will then enter into a coalition with him. Bandic will get rid of Tito when it suits him. When I'm 2009. called for a referendum, he said the name of that square would not change as he was alive. Then he and Jasen Mesic were strongly against it.

And what would you add to the end.

Well, I would just like to say that now we finally see what our parties are different about - in appearance of his leader and the name of the party!!