While on the HDZ-HNS deal negotiating the partition of the armchair, ie the welfare of Croatia and its citizens, the HNS parliamentary representative and candidate for the Zagreb mayor in the recent local elections, Anka Mrak Taritaš, did what she announced and if she came to by many unnatural coalitions of HNS and the HDZ - greeted HNS.

"By leaving the Central Committee yesterday, I closed the door and closed the door at HNS. So when I come to the ministers to vote against and hence my membership in HNS, as I have been speaking all the time - she told reporters in Parliament Anka Mrak Taritaš.

She reminded her that she was still 2. May announced a departure from HNS if a coalition with the HDZ came in - and it did. She does not want to say she's unbelievable.

- Yesterday I finished my trip to HNS, however, there is something that is very important - there is a name and a last name, there is a cheek and there is where I can get coffee everywhere and not feel uncomfortable and bad. Likewise, there is consistency in politics. I am consistent with all my statements, with all I've done and so I will continue to be. Any voter who has rounded me up, regardless of whether it is a parliamentary or local election, can look into my eyes and say - I'm consistent. I want to be consistent because I want to make as many people as possible and to believe in what they vote for. In this way they send the wrong message, they do not know what they are voting for - Anka Mrak Taritaš was categorical.

She reminded her of her soon-to-be-party counterparts as much as she had given for the party as a minister, as a parliamentary deputy elected with thousands of preferential votes, and as a candidate for the mayor of Zagreb for which she voted more than 130 thousand Zagrepčans, adding that with this situation agrees because it is turning into HNS policy for 180 degrees.