While newcomer coalition partners, the Croatian Democratic Union and the Croatian People's Party - liberal democracies, negotiating ministries and other "minorities" essential to the functioning of this, many unnatural and supernatural coalitions, do not stop responding to all these events.

Zagreb's HNS member, Tomislav Stojak, which is, as we wrote on Wednesday, supported this coalition, although it was imposed in Zagreb as a major critic Milan Bandic and its assembly coalition with HDZ, tried to justify their Facebook profile. He argues that at the session of the Central Committee, where he then supported the HNS-HDZ coalition, he did not vote as Tomislav Stojak but as president of the HNS Croatian Central-Regional Association. It also adds that the Central Croatian Regional Alliance, where the HNS branches of the City of Zagreb and Zagrebačka, Sisak-Moslavina and Karlovac County are located, was a coalition, so he simply implemented their decision and nothing more. We transfer its Facebook status in its entirety:

- Dear friends and fellow citizens! I feel obliged to all those who know me and follow my actions in our Zagreb to publicly clarify their attitudes regarding everything that has happened around my party in the last two days, HNS, since I have so far refrained from any comment.
At yesterday's HNS Central Committee's meeting, as the president of the HNS Regional-Croatian Central Alliance, I gave a vote for negotiations on the entry of HNS into the Croatian government. Why? Because I could only respect the majority will of my region's HNS organizations, who have opted for such a decision over the past few days and have instructed me to transfer it to the party leadership at the sessions of the central party bodies of the last days. Any other reaction would represent a direct violation of my mandate in the HNS Presidency and Central Committee. I pray to all the good-natured people who read this to acknowledge this unresponsive fact.
As I said publicly in the Central Committee session, I could be "sick", not appear, hide. I am not a coward and it is my obligation and responsibility towards the party, people and bodies I belong to, because of these people from the region I have been elected to represent the highest bodies of the party, no different.
My personal attitude does not coincide entirely with the majority of my region I have put forward and supported. Why?
I personally do not believe that at this time there is a critical mass in our society that can change the established attitudes of sharing and altering others, so I'm not convinced that as a party at this point "we are called" to take over that role.
But once again, by my own choice, I agree to be part of this team and a member of the body that decides on strategic decisions, so I will stand behind these decisions and when I disagree with them somewhere in the depths of my soul, as I did before, and I will work in the future. All decisions, suggestions, opinions and attitudes on all relevant issues to the party, as well as so far, will be on the party bodies rather than arguing in the public before everything is presented and argued. At these same bodies, solely on them, I will discuss my future engagement and the way of participating in their work. That's just right!
Everyone who knows me a little, know that I am in favor and I will always advocate for a society in which we can not impose our beliefs on other people, especially by the force of meaningless laws, and I am not convinced that this can be ensured.
The second topic was the elections for the City Assembly and my future status as a city representative. In the shadow of the excellent (albeit insufficient for victory) results that Mrs. Anka Mrak Taritaš achieved in the elections for the Mayor of the City of Zagreb remained bitter taste of the very bad results of our joint list for the City Assembly, which received four mandates less than in the elections in 2013. , and that result was already considered to be very bad. It is obvious that a highly individualized campaign for the mayor did not achieve the desired effect on the list, and besides, mistakes were made both in running the campaign and in pointing the individual candidates to low places on the joint list, for which I spoke publicly before the campaign itself.
Finally, very loudly and clearly, if someone has not been so far to date - Tomislav Stojak remains the city's deputy of HNS, I remain firm, unambiguous, confident and unswerving, but pleasing and highly argued, opposition to Milan Bandic and his majority in Gradska Meeting. The Coalition Agreement with SDP, HSS and other partners in the City Assembly on my side will be honored, and I hope that other colleagues and colleagues from all the parties to the coalition will be kept there.
Like all the past years, as a city representative of HNS I continue to struggle with the non-transparent work of the Milan City Mayor Milan Bandić, whose work all of you know my attitudes. I will try to "keep it in the eye" and warn of all its failures, intentional and unintentional, in the coming years. This is, of course, my duty during the mandate of a city representative. And yes, with even greater fervor and even greater energy, I will visit all the city quarters, listen to all the problems of the citizens and try to solve them even more so far. I will pay particular attention to addressing the municipal problems in my Rudeš, where I was elected in the Council of Local Committees.
All of you who know and support me - I sincerely thank you. I'm the same Tomica two days ago, I did not change for a millimeter. To all of you - I want a happy trip - wrote on his Facebook account Tomislav Stojak.

But his status, although well-received, has largely failed to approve, most often HNS members who were against the HNS coalition, and some, like Gorana Beusa Richembergha claim that Stojak lies.

- Majority of your region? Who did it articulate? Do not go see our eyes. Four county presidencies met only in Zagreb, and a large majority called for a coalition with the HDZ not to go. Only you and another member of the presidency of the city refused to vote "because you did not have enough information". These are the only "indisputable facts". And then did you represent the views of the region? If it were not sad, it would be ridiculous - wrote Stojaku Goran Beus Richembergh, and HNS's from Velika Gorica quickly joined Pero Josipović.

- That is why the HNS president of the County of Zagreb urgently convened a county presidency session, probably to report to us about the cooperation with the HDZ, and did not do so before the Central Committee, in order for the county of Zagreb to take a stand on this issue. And you represent someone's attitudes, destroying what the generations of HNS and HNS have created. I am shameful, you, who have supported the cooperation with the HDZ, who will plunge you and spit on the first opportunity, you have made it clear on several occasions - wrote Pero Josipović to Tomislav Stojaku.

There were a lot of similar comments, but in the whole story about the HDZ coalition in the eye one more intrusion. SDP, HNS, HSS and HSU have also signed a Coalition Agreement since the last parliamentary elections, stating, among other things, that none of the parties will enter into any post-election coalition with the HDZ.

As we know, the agreement is not certified by a notary public, but was signed by SDP's then president Zoran Milanovithe then president of HNS Ivan Vrdoljak and the presidents of HSS and HSU, Krešo Beljak i Silvano Hrelja. If anything, many revolted members of the aforementioned parties agree, that agreement should have at least some moral weight, but apparently for some there are no.