Ankica Mamic, source: Facebook

With communication expert Ankica Mamić, we have commented on the upcoming constitutive session of the City Assembly, which appears to be held in the shadow of national events and the new national coalition - HDZ and HNS.

Through a week, a week and a few days, a constitutive session of the City Assembly should be held. What do you expect to happen, who will do most, given the events at the national level?

I think it is clear from the outset that the HDZ will go with Bandic, that there is no doubt about it. Second, this change of political partner at the national level is also the message of Bandic's list, and the "emergence" of Esih and the establishment of a new party will make it difficult for Bandic to conclude a coalition with its representatives.

How will HNS come up with that story, since this party is now national in a coalition with the HDZ, and are supported by Bandic's MPs?

We saw that Tomislav Stojak, a HNS deputy in the City Assembly, supported the entry into a coalition with the HDZ. I think it will be very interesting to observe all of this, and we can expect that the 4 HNS deputies will escape most, or three, without Anke Mrak Taritaš. There will again be a break between HNS's. Their disruption will affect more than one Assembly, not just Zagreb.

So you expect Bandic to gather most of the problems without major problems?

Yes, Bandic will surely assemble the majority, and there is no dilemma about it. Only Svaljek and Kosor said they would not with him.

Can we believe Darink Kosor?

As far as Kosor is concerned, all are possible, but Sandra Švaljek is safe, so the entire campaign has been working to counter Bandic and in the campaign he said he did not want any cooperation with Bandic.

The team from the Zagreb initiative is ours, which will be their role?

They are activists, they are likely to retain their activist positions, they will certainly not participate in Bandic's government, so I hope they will use the fact that they are now in the City Assembly to open discussions on all the controversial projects that take place in Zagreb and I hope and that together with the SDP will be a constructive opposition.