By the end of the month, the constitutive session of the City Assembly should be held, and how it will look, or where the one sitting in the sense of the ruling and the opposition will only be seen. Although all speculate that Bandic and HDZ will continue the cooperation from the last convocation and that five of Bruno Esih's deputies will join, from its staff say that neither the old-new mayor has not yet talked to.

The aggravating circumstance of negotiations Milan Bandic i Brune Esih there could be events at the national level - as the newly-formed coalition of HDZ and HNS against which Isaiah, Hasanbegović and Glasnović stood up clearly, against whom Bandic, anyway a national partner Andreja Plenković, there is clearly nothing, and the fact that the troika is setting up its own party that will certainly not want to compromise in the very beginning with co-operation with former SDP Bandic burdened by corruption affairs and the HDZ whose new national coalition partner - HNS.

The question is what will be with the coalition of SDP and HNS with respect to the mentioned events at the national level. Anka Mrak Taritaš, who announced the departure from the party, with two other deputies planning, finding, establishing their own assembly club. It will be with him in it Sonja Konig i Stanko Kordić, while for Tomislava Stojaka who voted Wednesday for the coalition of HDZ and HNS, there will be no place in it.

And the SDPs are ready to form their own club, and they will, in all likelihood, be the assembly representative of the HSS, who joined the town parliament on a joint list. Their club will also act as a 8 representative.

Our club will have an initiative Zagreb is with our partners, who have 4 representatives in the Assembly, and they plan to be the right opposition to the ruling majority, led by Milan Bandic.

- The Coalition of 5 parties (Zagreb is ours, New Left, ORaH, Workplace Front and For the City), who won the 7,6 percent of voters in the previous local elections in the City of Zagreb announces that in the Assembly will be a strong opposition to Mayor Bandic and his rightful majority, and they will be able to reach all political options in the Assembly. The 24706 votes and the four winning seats at the City Assembly proved that voters recognized the new policy offered by this coalition, and that politics has no place for political trade and unacceptable coalitions that we are witnessing today in the Croatian political space. At the City Assembly, citizens will be represented by Tomislav Tomasevic (Zagreb is ours), Iva Kvakić (For the City), Mate Kapović (Radnička fronta) and Rada Borić (New Left) among other things, the members of the Zagreb initiative are our partners and their partners.

Similarly, they announced earlier Sandra Švaljek i Darinko Kosor so that Bandic does not have too much room for maneuver. Along with the HDZ, on its side must also get the 5 representative of Bruno Esih to have such a majority. Although some ironically claim that Tomislav Stojak could join Bandic and the HDZ, he denied such allegations, writing on Facebook that he intended to continue as it is to date - to be a critic and opposition to Milan Bandic.