Steve Kustro, source: Facebook

Australian Croat Steve Kustro on Sunday completed his 36 day of long walks with Our Beautiful. 7 started. May from Dubrovnik, and its "Humanitarian Walk" completed 11. June in Vukovar. The aim of the humanitarian action was to raise as much money as possible to help the unlucky children in Croatia, but to point out all the problems that Croatian citizens face today, but also the fact that they are not alone because they have always been with them - the Croatian diaspora.

How was it "to walk" with Croatia, how much money did you get for this humanitarian action?

"Humanitarian walk" I finished yesterday (Sunday) at 17 hours in Vukovar. I collected about 137 thousand. But the humanitarian action itself is still not finished, everyone willing to help unkempt Croatian donations can be paid by the end of June.

We remind our readers, why did you even decide on this tough, but praise a worthwhile action?

Diaspora has always helped Croatia. We always wanted to help and assist as much as we could. We have never asked anything from Croatia, but we have always been prepared to do everything for Croatia. This was my form of help. I was born in Australia, my whole life is in Australia, but I never forgot where my family was, so my homeland decided to help in this way.

So you're an Australian born, but you love Croatia more than anything, how do you do that?

Croatia is in my heart and my soul!

How many miles are you walking on?

I walked on 36 days, traveled around 1122,9 kilometers, from Dubrovnik to Vukovar, all to help unlucky children in Croatia, to help at least to make Croatia better.

And, how was it to walk with Our Beautiful?

It was wonderful. Croatia is a very beautiful country, people are good, friendly, willing to help, but there were also some negative comments.

What, who?

From the unimportant individuals who did not appreciate the significance of these small, and my great actions.

But most people still supported you - from donations through accommodation, or at least paid lunches, etc.?

Yes, many helped me - they offered me accommodation, lunch, or at least coffee. Many responded to the action, paid the donation. There are plenty of good people in Croatia.

How do you look at the political and economic situation in Croatia?

Where is the "reset button"?

What would you say for the end?

This is just the beginning, I will continue to fight for the common good, for the better of my dear Croatia.