The agonists of the Immunological Institute will finally see the end, if it is to trust the success of the six-member committee of the Government and the City of Zagreb, which should be provided within a week and within a month to bring a strategy for restoring the old glory to the Immunological Institute.

Mayor Milan Bandic met in the City Council with ministers Milan Kujundzic i Goran Maric would they agree on a corrosion solution to the accumulated problems of the Immunological Institute.

It was agreed that within a week there will be a Commission in which three members will be given the City of Zagreb and one Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Administration and the Ministry of Economy, which would then have to find a solution for all issues of Immunological Institute within one month and the largest from them at this time the production of most of the products by which the Immunological Institute was known was stopped, not only in Croatia.

- We're happy we're finally on the right track. This is a process that will last 4-5 years, it will not happen overnight, but this is a historic meeting, I can say - said mayor Milan Bandić adding that he was happy and proud of the government Andreja Plenković can offer assistance from the City of Zagreb to address the issue of Immunological Institute when the former Government Zoran Milanovic he was not ready to cooperate around this for Croatia and Croatia a very important issue.

- Strategic interest of Croatia is to ensure the production of plasma, ie, plasma derivatives on the one hand and the other side, to try to preserve the brand and quality of vaccine that the Immunological Institute has done. On this track, it is fortunate to have a partner who can technically and financially help, which is the City of Zagreb, and we believe that we will have concrete numbers and data together within a month - Minister Milan Kujundzic said.

According to the first information, to restore the old glory to the Immunological Institute, it will need to provide at least 40 million euros.