Marko Sladoljev, source: Facebook

Parliament Speaker Mosta and candidate for mayor of Zagreb at the recent local elections, Marko Sladoljev, commented on the current political situation in Croatia and Zagreb. What do you think about the newly-formed coalition of HDZ and HNS in the Croatian Parliament, how will all this affect the events in Zagreb and the assembly of the majority. How Milan Bandic is going now with a referendum on changing the name of Marshal Tito Square, what about Janica Kostelic's ugly attack, but also the rapid response of the police ...

What do you think of the new majority in the Croatian Parliament, now made by HDZ, HNS, Milan Bandic, Milorad Pupovac, Tomislav Sauch and others?

I told myself that this would be a stable coalition in the Parliament because it was founded on the whimsical foundations, and the grassroots foundations are the strongest form of government. So, my estimates are that the worldview issues here and there will come to order, but only to fool their voters, that it will actually be fingering and false. The real issues, the economic and the interests that have led to this coalition, will not be a dispute, and the coalition will be stable and that is very bad for Croatia.

For years, both of us have been bothered by ideological issues that could not have come to an end. How is the ideology at once superfluous?

That's because the worldview topics were always on the agenda when it comes to crime, etc. These are smoke bombs for voters to get people involved in these things because they have a lot of emotions, and behind the screen then they negotiate much more serious things. I have long spoken - neither is HDZ a Christian Democratic Party nor HNS a kind of left-wing liberal, it's all just a good show for the public.

How will all this affect the City of Zagreb and the assembly of the majority in the Assembly?

I think that Mr. Bandic will agree to a majority, as Plenkovic agreed, and that is the same model of political behavior. So, just to come to power in any way, there are always people in the Parliament and the Assembly who will be easy to sell, it is not difficult to find them.

Who could it be?

She's got HNS's, HSLS's from Sandra Švaljek's list, and they're well-known at the store, so I'm sure there will be people there who will stick to Mr. Bandic.

Change the name of Marshal Tito Square, how do you comment on it. Milan Bandic already has 17 a year in Zagreb and has never allowed a change of name, and now suddenly announces a referendum on this issue?

It's trading Brunei Esih's list for most. And remember that he changed the worldview whenever he liked it - one day he wore Tita's badge, the other day the cross. So, all as needed. Now it will change the name of Marshal Tito's Square just to secure the majority. However, there is a question as to whether to put a list of Bruno Esih, because if this is the only condition, this is not good for the City of Zagreb, given that Mr Bandic is managed very poorly and non-transparent. If Bruno Esih enters the coalition with him only under that condition, then its voters who have voted for a cleaner and more transparent city will not look at it with approval.

Bandic again elected mayor?

These local elections have shown that people are obviously not critical to criminal charges. It was not just Bandic, and Mr. Čehok won, and Mr. Čačić. People obviously do not care about honesty and dignity and vote for options with criminal reports, and the biggest problem is again the silent majority who is dissatisfied but does not go to the polls. Because of these, Bandic and the like, they get the elections.

And for the end, comment on the ugly attack on Janica Kostelic, but also the unseen quick response of the police?

It is not a heroic act that 15 men attack a single woman, especially the sports icon. On the other hand, the police really reacted promptly, while in many other cases it was not even goodwill fans. Sometimes supporters, either guilty or oblivious, ended up in jail while the mafias in suits all looked at freedom, so it is normal that people are revolted. Of course, I do not justify the attack on Janica Kostelic, but she has to realize that it is no longer just a legend of Croatian sport but a politician, and we are all subject to criticism.