Zlatko Hasanbegović

Although almost all of Zagreb's well-known politicians claim that Milan Bandic will surely have to assemble the majority at the City Assembly, with the help of HDZ and Bruno Esih, it would seem to be a bit more difficult. He announced that he would be discussing the Marshall Tito Square at the second session of the Assembly, or that he would propose the referendum to change the name of that square, but Bruno Esih and her colleagues do not seem to be satisfied.

Milan Bandic, recall, in the elections for the city's parliament has won the 14 mandate. It is expected to continue working with the HDZ that has won the 7 mandate. Together, they have a 21 mandate and they lack the exact five deputies to have a minimum majority at the Assembly.

In co-operation with the list gathered around the initiative Zagreb is our, with four representatives, Bandic can not count on dreams, and SDPs, who together with HNS and HSS have 13 representatives, can also count.

The possibility of any kind of co-operation with Bandic has already been dismissed Sandra Švaljek on behalf of his list that won the 8 mandate, and all confirmed it Darinko Kosor, pointing out that no HSLS assembly would "escape" to Bandic.

So the list remains Brune Esih, which has 5 deputies in the Assembly, exactly as much as Bandic is missing to have a minimum majority.

But according to the words Zlatka Hasanbegovic, who, as the second on Bruno Esih's list, has entered the Assembly, there will probably be nothing in the co-operation with the mayor of Zagreb and his assembly list, even if the referendum in Zagreb is.

- The change of name of Marshal Tito Square was our condition for starting negotiations with Milan Bandic and his team, referendum we do not care about, that is not what we asked for - short for Zlatko Hasanbegović.

But even though Bandic seems to have a good idea of ​​having a cup of coffee - such a majority in the Assembly, let's not forget that the longest mayor of Zagreb has much to negotiate with. If Bruno Essih and her deputies do not try to win other assemblies.

The authority is sweet, says the wise-old, and the money and the position are very tempting. We already wrote, so we can remind ourselves of the recent events in the Zagreb Holding, which could very well affect the "hands" at the City Assembly - right before the election, namely, the Zagreb Holding brought a new organization without systematization, which the head of the city mega-company, Milan Bandic, opens the way for new employment, and still makes it easier.

It remains to be seen whether, in accordance with the proclaimed Bandic's proposals at the City Assembly sessions, the number of directors and their deputies in the city company is increasing, as was the case in the last convocation of the Assembly.