On Monday, 19. this month, for the first time will meet representatives of all political options that have entered the City Assembly. Subsequently, the new-old deputy mayor of Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, the new-old mayor, has said, will know more about who or who the Assembly may be. It is only at this point that it is certain, he stressed, that Zagreb's cooperation with Milan Bandic and the HDZ will continue.

Milan Bandic he did not want to reveal (almost) anything about the negotiations with possible coalition partners, he only repeated that he and his list give up all the leading positions in the city parliament, ie presidential and vice-presidential seats, if this would help to achieve co-operation for the City of Zagreb important topics.

Not even his deputy, as he said, and the chief negotiator with potential partners Jelena Pavičić Vukičevićdid not reveal anything more. He argues that serious negotiations have not yet begun, that more will be known after the meeting on Monday.

- Monday, 19. June, the first meeting of political groups will be held which will represent citizens of Zagreb for the next four years, opening the way for inter-party talks and agreements, and I hope that we will talk to potential partners about the program cooperation after that meeting - said Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic, adding that they were uncharged under any conditions and ready for all the talks.

- We want broad-based cooperation that will call all policy options to agree on how Zagreb will develop in the next 4 year - what kind of employment policy, development, social policy, etc. Will not close the door to anybody, solidarity is extremely socially conscious, it is not ideologically burdened and indeed in that circle of topics, problems and solutions that we have to offer to our fellow citizens on a daily basis, there is room for everyone - Jelena Pavičić Vukičević concluded.

Milan Bandic, remember, won the 14 mandate. For most, he needs 26 hands, which means that with the HDZ 7 agents, 5 is missing. Many have forecast that the MPs will also be independent Brune Esih, whose list won just five seats, to be placed with Bandic and HDZ, but it does not seem that it will go so smoothly.

Condition Bruno Esih i Zlatka Hasanbegovic to negotiate with Bandic and his people at all, there was a renaming of Marshal Tito Square, not a referendum announced by Bandic.

- Marshal Tito Square for us is not a condition for a coalition with Bandic, but a prerequisite for negotiating at all, but we do not agree with the referendum. I oppose the referendum, as I have opposed it earlier because I see nothing positive about it except that somebody in this way wants to resolve the responsibility and express their own stance on citizen engagement. So this is usually the shift of responsibility from yourself to the citizens - she was categorical in the conversation for Further she was Bruno Esih and added that nobody had ever talked to anyone or anyone who had tried to contact them regarding the negotiations on the formation of the Assembly majority.

- No one has ever spoken to us. The whole story tells us that five of the Brunei Representatives list on us - it's not because we did not call us or talk to us, while the talks are all over. We are obviously the most desirable strangers and I think that this situation is being copied from the Parliament and it seems to me that Bandic deliberately launched this story with a referendum in order to give up and think about the cooperation - concludes Bruno Esih.

Although the negotiations with Esih-Hasnbegović had stalled before they started, those with HDZ seem to be doing well, despite the fact that this party, or the holder of its assembly list and the candidate for the mayor Drago Prgometas we know, requires the seat of the Assembly presidency.

Milan Bandic, on the other hand, can be calm. There is something to negotiate with, and we have already said in the previous texts, power is sweet, and power and money are attractive, so it will not be (very hard) to come under your umbrella, perhaps not parties and options, but to individuals. If, however, that fails, and the Assembly is 29. this month can not be constituted, there are two more attempts. If it fails then, new elections are announced, but only for the City Assembly, while his armchair, the capital city, will remain unmanageable. And somehow it's hard to imagine the assemblies dare to disband themselves.