Alen Ostojić

Although many will agree that Zagreb, given the size and population, a safe city, can always be better. Traffic accidents, theft, disturbance of public order and peace are the most common problems of Zagreb and Zagreb. Helping in solving them would also be a major security research that is being implemented at all times in all 17 Zagreb neighborhoods, after which a detailed Urban Security Strategy will be developed. We talked about everything with President of the City of Zagreb's Urban Security Council, Alen Ostojić.

To begin with the general question, how are you satisfied with the security in Zagreb and what are the indicators that the police say?

Security indicators are very good, PU data from Zagreb show that there were more than 13 thousands of criminal offenses last year, which puts Zagreb at the very top of the safe metropolis. Of course, this is objective security, but as citizens on their skin feel and experience something else, we have an obligation and responsibility to make Zagreb a safer city.

What are the biggest (or most common) security issues in Zagreb?

Traffic (not) security first of all. On the Zagreb Roads last year, in traffic accidents, 20 was killed, including 10 drivers, 3 passengers and even 7 pedestrians. Definitely, we need the 0 policy of dead and severely injured. The second problem is property crime, especially at the expense of senior citizens. This is not about big numbers, but there is fear among older fellow citizens, and that is not good.

How to Improve Reduction of Traffic Accidents and Reduction of Property Crime?

Regarding traffic accidents, I think that the Zagreb police are doing a good job with preventive activities, while the city has a lot of space to improve the traffic infrastructure which, above all, has a detrimental effect on driving speed. Unfortunately, irresponsible fellow citizens drive as if they were on a tomb track, not on urban roads. The letters are a great thing, here and in my own time, with invoices, I received a leaflet from the City of Zagreb Prevention Council on the prevention of house fraud, intended primarily for fellow citizens of the third age. But more preventive activities in public areas would certainly be beneficial.

How Much Do The Cameras Help?

Cameras are an important infrastructure component in the development of the city and they are acceptable, both for the introduction of traffic culture and for the prevention of crime. The cameras are of great help to the police in lighting crime and misdemeanors, but the city of Zagreb needs to balance the need for security and privacy protection, or rather, personal data protection, since the camera video can be a personal information. That is why we need the Council for Civilian Control of Video Surveillance of the City of Zagreb.

Where did he invoke the establishment of that Council?

In the City Council, but as the mayor launched the first major survey of the security feel of our fellow citizens in the 17 city district because he wants to get their views on security issues in the neighborhoods, I am deeply convinced that the mayor will make a decision on the founding of the Council. Without citizen participation in achieving urban security, there are no safe communities.

Several words about this research - when did it begin, how long has it been pursued and what is its ultimate goal?

The mayor is 2015. appointed the Commission for the organization of public opinion polls on the perception of citizen security and the cooperation of citizens and city administration in the field of urban security. The most prominent experts in the field include the professors Kranzelić, Vlatko Cvrtile, Borovac, Mrs Cajner, Mirjana Zubak and others. The Commission structured a questionnaire, conducted a public procurement procedure, and before the 10 day, field research started on all fours. A sample of 3400 citizens, and the aim is to find citizens' attitudes about security issues in their quarters. Based on these views, the Mayor will design the Urban Security Strategy of 2017 Zagreb. to 2021. and create local security plans for neighborhoods. The research results should be finished to 15. July when they will be presented to the public by the Mayor himself.

And word for the end?

For the rest, we can always work together to make our city even more neat, more beautiful and safer. In pursuit of this goal, the role of the media is enormous and therefore thanks to because so often you draw attention to not inappropriate behavior in the public space where there is no place!