Milan Bandic

And while the louder are those who advocate the change of the name of Marshal Tito Square, as well as those who oppose it, Milan Bandić has aptly propose a referendum and thus removes the responsibility of the possible (non) change of the name of the Square, although he probably knows very well that he will not Get enough people to make it real.

Let us remind ourselves that the Constitution has been revised in view of the entry of our country into the European Union, so that the majority of the total number of voters enrolled in the voters list was no longer needed for the validity of the referendum. But with amendments to the Constitution, no amendments to the Referendum Act have been made, so now we have a situation where a national referendum is valid for one and the other local rules. So that the Zagreb referendum would be valid at all, ie, binding on decision-makers, it must come out of the majority of the total number of voters in Zagreb.

- The referendum law is not in line with the constitution, meaning that a referendum will succeed, a 50 post + one voter must be entered on the voter list, and then the majority of the majority must vote to change the name of Marshal Tito's Square to make that decision accepted - explains lawyer Pero Kovačević adding that in this way will certainly not change the name of the square.

- This is an interesting game of Milan Bandic. Objectively, most in Zagreb, which does not want to change the name of the Square, will not go to the referendum if it is released. So, it is already clear that a referendum would not succeed - Kovačević adds.

He reminds Kovačević that he was still in March when 2009, as an independent city representative, proposed a referendum to change the name of the square, but then all of them opposed it - and Milan Bandic and his then party, SDP, but also HDZ. They are Gorgeous then, Kovačević claims, and Bandic and Jasen Mesic defended the name of Marshal Tito Square and opposed a referendum, so it is no surprise that the mayor now proposes a referendum for which he knows in advance that he will not pass, that despite the referendum - the name of Marshal Tito remains in Zagreb.

Behind us are local elections, in Zagreb, in the first round, there was slightly more than 47 percent of voters, while the second round outbreak was traditionally weaker. The polls are 4. June came a little over 41 percent of voters. Thus, one of the two rounds of local elections was a referendum on the name of Marshal Tito Square, he would not succeed, regardless of the outcome, and an additional reason for the likely failure of the referendum that Bandic announces is the fact that the referendums in Croatia are even smaller voters rather than getting them out of the polls.

- One of the options is an advisory referendum. He, like this classic, is not binding, so it is not necessary for him to get out of the majority of voters. However, it would be possible to see which position prevails, so the city government can, accordingly, make the appropriate decision - concludes Pero Kovačević.

Anti-fascists, for the next Thursday, 22. On the Day of Anti-Fascist Fighting, on the Maršala Tita Square, they organized a gathering under the name "Trg je naš", opposing changing the names of that city square. But there seems to be no concern in this matter - it is enough for them not to go to the referendum to make the exit smaller, and that is, Maršal remains in Zagreb.