Trg maršala Tita

How is the constitutive session of the City Assembly approaching, likely to be held by 29. this month, so is the discussion about the renaming of Tchaikah Tito. His renaming, as a precondition for the start of negotiations, and perhaps the assembly coalition, were sought by Bruno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegović, who joined three other representatives of the Independent List in the Zagreb Parliament. Milan Bandic, however, announces a referendum on the issue, which faces both the left and the right.

Bruna Esih i Zlatko Hasanbegović for a referendum they do not even want to hear. They consider that Bandic's transfer of responsibility from the citizens to him reminds them that their condition for negotiations on the possible assembly coalition was only and exclusively a renaming of the Square, not a referendum, and that on Friday, in the Bujica show on Z1 television, he repeated the assembly deputy from the list Brune Esih Tomislav Jonjić.

- We have no contact with mayor Bandic and his associates, but we have set a clear condition - if Tito does not leave Zagreb, we will not be in power! It will be interesting to see how the HDZ will now be, because even before the elections they were against Tito - said Tomislav Jonjić in Bujica.

About the referendum on renaming the Marshall Tito Square would probably be discussed at the second session of the City Assembly in early July, and the referendum itself, as he said on Friday, Milan Bandic conceived in the form of two questions - are you about renaming the Marshal Tito Square, the if you want to call it the University or Theater Square.

Referendum, and in general, the renaming of the Square is opposed, and the other assembly team, from the left spectrum, gathered around the Zagreb Initiative is ours. According to the words Tomislav Tomasevic, their four deputies will vote against the referendum at the July session of the Assembly, as well as against the renaming of the Square.

- A topic that is not the most important topic of the majority of citizens of this city is to be mentioned. The final right is imposed because there is nothing to say about issues that are directly relevant to the quality of life of citizens. Bandic goes to Solomon's solution, calculates between left and right voters. We are against the referendum - Tomislav Tomašević said visiting Croatian Radio.

The discussion about the change of the Marshal Tito Square, as expected, moved to the street as well as to the social networks. Anti-fascists for 22. June, on the Day of Anti-Fascist Battle, announce a gathering at the Marshal Tito Square, which will openly show dissatisfaction with the idea of ​​renaming. The ex-HNS and the SDP's are gone, however Gordan Bičak who on Facebook's profile even threatened to "remove the head" of those who try to remove Tito's tabel.

But as long as the words and text were spent on the debate on the renaming of the Marshal Tito Square, the fact remains that a referendum will not change anything if it really comes to him - because it is unlikely that he will respond enough to him to be eligible.

How are we on Friday wrote on our portal, The referendum law is not in line with the Constitution, so today we have a situation in which for the national (national) referendum one is valid, and for the local, in this case Zagreb, other rules. In the case of ours, in Zagreb, for a referendum to be valid at all, the majority of the total number of voters enrolled in the voters list should come out of it, and this will be very difficult to achieve.

The referendums traditionally come out with less voters than they are making for elections, and for example, at the first round of local elections in Zagreb, which always has a greater outlet than the second round, 47 percent of voters came out.

How then to force the Zagrebers to come to a referendum on renaming the Square ?! In the end, those who oppose the renaming only need not go to a referendum to make the exit smaller, and hence the likelihood of a referendum (and money for him) to go to the wind.