We talked with Draženko Pandekom, the SDP candidate for deputy Anke Mrak Taritaš at the recent local elections and a representative in the new assembly of the City Assembly, which should be held by 29. this month. Will Milan Bandic succeed in gathering the majority, and who will be with Tito Marshal Square, how the SDP's coalition with the HNS will function ... it was all in the "menu" of the first week of this week's Jutarnji chata ...

Today will be the first meeting of representatives of all the options that have entered the City Assembly, what do you expect him to do?

Not much, it will be seen that no options can gather most. As far as we are concerned in the present constellation, obviously we can not be in the Assembly majority.

What do you expect from the constitutive session of the City Assembly, will Milan Bandic succeed in gathering the majority? The coalition with the HDZ seems safe, but the question is what will be with Bruno Esih and her list - they seek the renaming of the Marshal Tito Square, not a referendum ?!

We do not enter into the majority that would make the parties visionary and programmatic away from us. Whether to reach a coalition of right-wing parties, it is hard to estimate this moment.

The coat is on the Marshal Tito Square - what do you think about, should it be renamed, left as it is or go to a referendum? Or at this point there are more important topics that everyone should focus on?

Sometimes it is better to leave things as they are. There were strong reasons that this square did not change its name in the eve of the Homeland War. Those reasons are still there. Likewise, I agree that there are far more important topics to waste on energy and money.

And what about the fact that Tito was doing crimes?

Every crime should be investigated and determined by the guilty. The State Attorney's Office has the task of doing so, and the war crime does not expire. So it is possible to determine who is responsible for the crimes committed. As there is currently no clear evidence of the perpetration of Josip Broz Tito's responsibility for war crimes, and Tito has been a primate in the White House and in the English court, and it seems that there is a great deal of evasion of war criminals, so qualifications Tito as a war criminal, myself as a lawyer, is not acceptable unambiguous
Tito qualification as a war criminal, in the context of time and war. The anti-fascist struggle is rooted in the foundations of the Republic of Croatia. Thanks to this, Croatia can be included in the winners of 2. World War, and we can shut our mouths on anyone who would deny our perenniality and statehood for the event in 2. the World War and brought responsibility for Croatia for crimes committed by fascist regimes.

And what about all those who seek renaming, who have lost some of Tito's hand and his regime?

I understand their reasons. It is legitimate to look for it, but I think that at this point in time we have much more important issues and we have to face the future. I would ask them why the topic was so quiet, for example, in the middle of the 90s? I think we have to start thinking about what's going to be with our city and state for 8, 20 or 50 years and not spend most of the time on the ideological conflicts of our ancestors.

Will the SDP have its Club of Representatives or will you still have a Club with HNS? They claim to have their own, is it another fraud of a coalition partner or did you agree?

We'll talk about that. They had their break in the party, and on our side, we did not want to make the situation worse. We count with the group around Anke Mrak Taritaš as our partners are still.

A Tomislav Stojak? He announced that Bandic's opposition would continue, but at the same time supported the national coalition of HDZ-HNS, in which Bandic also ?!

I have not been in contact with him from the election so I do not know his position. This position has yet to be determined in view of the newly-created "love" of HNS and HDZ at the state level.

And word for the end?

The advocacy for our programs, for the different management of the City of Zagreb, which should be much more rational, more open and transparent, based on the principle of solidarity between citizens and each other, does not stop with the elections. In this vision we will point out and try to accomplish it through the activities through the Assembly and through public communication and directly with the citizens. By closing the polls, regardless of the election result, our aspiration does not disappear. Our commitment to realize this vision remains to everyone who has given us a voice.