On Monday at noon, the first meeting of the heads of options that took place in the new assembly of the City Assembly was held, and no practical arrangement was agreed because it still does not know who the majority is. Milan Bandic and HDZ, although expected to continue their co-operation from the previous summit, have not enough hands for most. Together, they have 21. deputies, which means that most of them lack 5.

Will this coalition also have five deputies from the list Brune Esih, we'll see. Everything will, of course, depend on the status of Marshal Tito in Zagreb. Will Tito lose his or her Zagreb square or not, whether to change to the Assembly or referendum.

Bruna Esih and her colleague Zlatko Hasanbegović require a change of name of Marshal Tito Square, while the mayor Milan Bandic insists on a referendum on this issue. But the referendum is opposed by all - Bruno Esih and her deputies, therefore, seek exclusively change of name, no referendum, opposition and opposition, parties gathered around the initiative Zagreb is our, SDP, HNS deputy Tomislav Stojak and three former HNSs, now independent MPs, led by Ankom Mrak Taritaš. However, they do not only oppose a referendum but also the name change itself.

The key is in this story of how Tito will set HDZ, will it stick to the stand Drage Prgometa that a referendum is a good solution, or will overcome the opinion of the Zagreb HDZ led by Andrija Mikulic expressed for the last convocation of the Assembly, which is to change the name of the Marshal's Square.

Andrija Mikulić claims that their attitude remained the same, that Tito should not have a Square in Zagreb, but whether Mikulic's opinion is at the same time the opinion of today's HDZ, which is national in the coalition with HNS.

And the question is whether the HDZs of Esih and Hasanbegovic want in their coalition with Milan Bandic. As we know, some HDZs are pressuring Bandic to give up the coalition with the two of them and their deputies, and the goal of this referendum is not to change the name of Marshal Tito's Square, but to make Bruno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegovic abandon their participation in the assembly majority.

On the other hand, Bandic, as the longest Zagreb and one of the longest Croatian mayors in general, knows very well how to negotiate. Participation in power, we saw this for the last assembly, for example, in the form of a rise in the number of employees in the Holding, it is well worth it to the parties and individuals, so Bandic could easily find five deputies who would from time to time for some of his suggestions hand. Well i Andrej Plenković has managed to achieve that former head of the SDP Prime Minister's office is holding a hand for the HDZ Parliament Speaker, and later for the new parliamentary majority of HDZ-HNS, it is almost unbelievable in itself.

At the Chililomethodska meeting, which was held today at noon, nothing concrete was agreed except that it was confirmed that the constitutive session of the City Assembly would be held by 29. June. Who will preside over the city parliament, and we will only see it. The president of the Assembly, we know, wants to remain the HDZ Mikulić, but that place also wants the HDZ Prgomet, therefore, a duo with a different attitude on the Marshal Tito Square.