Darko Klasić HSLS

Darko Klasić represents HSLS in the new assembly of the City Assembly. He believes that the name of Marshal Tito's name should be resolved by referendum, that Bandic will succeed in gathering most because, he says, should not underestimate his purchasing potential ...

The constitutive session of the City Assembly was announced for 29. June. Will Mayor Milan Bandic then succeed in gathering the majority?

As far as I remember, the Mayor has been in several similar situations, especially around the City Budget, and has always found a solution. There is no need to underestimate its purchasing potential.

Who could support the mayor, or who could the mayor buy it?

Mostly those who are existential or business-related to the City of Zagreb or have been bored by the mayor in the past.

Who exactly, with whose list?

I looked down all the lists all the time and I think there are a few representatives in each list that are in this relationship. I would not label and label people, only time would show if my assumption was correct.

And your list, Sandra Švaljek and HSLS, do you have any secret supporters of Milan Bandic.

I am convinced that there is no and that we will be a strong opposition to the mayor.

Darinko Kosor and Sandra Švaljek said they would not be with Bandic and that he will be the strongest opposition, but many see Kosor as a potential trader, especially when we know that he is also nationally linked to Bandic and HDZ?

The attitude of the city organization is clear against the co-operation with the mayor, we are probably learning something from our own experience.

How do you think that Tomislav Stojak will be in the whole situation - announces that it will continue to be an opposition to Bandic and the HDZ, but nationally with Bandic supports HDZ's government, similar to Kosor ?!

I do not know Tom Stojak so much that I can estimate it, obviously, if the Mayor succeeds in compiling the majority, it will be close and will quickly crystallize on the key points of the actual opposition.

Your attitude to the Marshal Tito Square - should it be changed or not, should it be done by referendum or Assembly?

I think it is time for citizens to start deciding on their own city, and as we can see, the public is divided so strongly that I think it is the best solution of democracy in the work - a referendum.

If a referendum proposal comes to a session of the City Assembly, how will you vote?

When such a proposal becomes official, we will make a decision after meeting all the MPs of HSLS and Sandra Svaljek and the stance will be shared. My personal attitude is to support a referendum on this issue.