Works on the fourth stage of the reconstruction of the Workers' Road in full swing. Completing the works is one of Bandic's pre-election promises, so it's no surprise that the machines are constantly working. There would be nothing to do with the fact that workers with their heavy machinery did not run on private property several times, drowned all the trees they encountered, and no one even told the owners.

- Work on the fourth, last stage of the Workers' Road involves the reconstruction of a part of the overpasses over the railway line to the Domovinski Bridge, a length of about 1,24 kilometers (the crossing zone with Čulinečka Street). The challenging project encompasses a whole range of activities to make every detail in place: road, underwater, water supply and drainage, protection and installation transitions. An important part is the safe and pleasant journey of citizens, so special attention has been paid to traffic signaling and equipment, semaphorization of intersections, noise protection, landscaping, construction of the pit and removal of the Žitnjak Health Center facility. The total estimated value of the fourth stage works is approximately 137 million kuna - stands, among other things, on the pages of the City of Zagreb.

But the workers seemed a little nervous, and on several occasions, with their heavy machines, they started to run on the private property of the Panižić family in Resnik. The first incursion occurred at the beginning of March and the last few days ago. Contractor, company "GIP Pionir ", usurped the private property of the Panižić family. After the first intrusion, a geodetic who estimated that crawlers, trucks and cranes were "reworked" around the 300 square meters of the Panižić family's property came to the scene, and fell down all the trees that were there.

All the services are notified of the disaster, tell us Željko Panižić, almost nothing has been done on this issue. It was the police who made the log, and that is it. Only later they were promised that this would not happen again, and there was an improvised fence, but the "GIP Pionier" in vain returned to the Panižić family. Again, the police had to intervene, who only found that the company was again in private possession.

Željko Panižić, with whom we talked, is desperate. He says nothing against construction and development of the city, but he asks who protects ordinary little people. Nobody even apologized for the unfortunate events, and the compensation for the damage done, as things stand now, can only dream.

- It's our private fork, just like the overhead on Radnicka cesta. But they drowned, 300 square meters of trees disappeared, just loaded on trucks and drove somewhere. so where is it - Željko Panižić tells us that these works do not object, but this is not the way.

- They contacted us last year and asked for permission for the site to be up to the edge of our parcel. We said we could, no problem, but when they started working, they just got into our country and started demolishing everything in front of us - Panižić adds, and he continues to feel the most in the whole story of what he feels so helpless, although he says he has taken all the legal measures.

- No one I called, whom I did not write and who I did not complain. Police, construction inspections, forestry inspections, town offices, the company "GIP Pionir", and nothing. And even the cops, who had worked the record twice, were surprised that something like this happened and nobody was reacting. I also spoke with Krunoslav Tepeša and Zvonimir Mišuru from the City Building Office. They said they would do something, but so far they were nothing. I tried to reach the mayor of Milan Bandic, the mayor of Bilic, unsuccessful. Interestingly, a woman who reported to the Mayor's Office, probably her secretary, told me she did not need the mayor to know everything - concludes Željko Panižić his story of the fight with the system.

Even though we asked City and the company to send it last week, we did not receive any response until the conclusion of this text, and it was not even given to Željko Panižić who seriously contemplates raising the lawsuit against all the actors of these unfortunate events.