Nenad Matić

Nenad Matić, leader of the Green List and coalition partner Milan Bandic in the City Assembly, expects the Assembly to be constituted at the first session, 29. this month, and thinks that the majority in the city parliament will not be a problem.

At the end of June, 29., Is the constitutive session of the Assembly, what do you expect?

I expect the session to succeed, to elect the President of the Assembly, to be constituted, because I believe that everyone will be aware that we must continue to "work" as the Mayor would say, and we all have to come to terms and make decisions to make Zagreb citizens better and not robing some of our attitudes and differences.

The meeting on Monday, nothing agreed?

The meeting was not intended to achieve the majority but to inform us the secretary of the City Assembly about everything, given that we have new deputies in the Assembly, who are here for the first time. So, let them know about their rights and obligations as well as about the procedure, such as organizing committees, organizing the majority, how it decides.

Who will be the majority?

I believe that Mayor Bandic will gather the majority around him, since he is the elected mayor, and I think we will be 29. June have a majority in the Assembly and we will be constituted because I think the new elections in the City of Zagreb, after several parliamentary elections, are certainly not in the interest of anyone. But it is important to say that we who are in the coalition with Milan Bandic for my choice are not afraid because we are confident that only a better result can be achieved. But it is better not to go to the new elections because we are waiting for a series of decisions we have to bring, such as the GUP, which would only halt the new elections.

Who will then be the majority, Bruno Esih or others on the other list?

We did not talk about it, I do not know. We believe this to Mayor Bandic, but as far as personal concerns are concerned, cooperation with Mrs Isaiah and her list would suit me because I think we should put together a good and firm majority and that we can "work" for four years and not interfere with the non stop who came, and who is not and we have enough hands. We have a time when Bandic did not have the majority and it was not a nice time since there was a lot to do and it was not.

Tito Marshal Square - Should He Change The Name And How?

Absolutely the referendum is the best solution, and the mayor is right, because there is a big gap between people. So, the best solution is a referendum, because citizens will be able to express their opinions, and then we can agree in the Assembly that if a referendum does not come out enough, we will make a decision based on the results of the referendum. If, therefore, 48 has a percentage of the voter and 70 will change them, then we will change the name in the assembly according to the voter's will.

What is your opinion on, should the name change?

I personally, if there is a referendum, vote for changing the name of Marshal Tito Square.