Ivan Ćelić, photo: Facebook

We talked with HDZ's representative in the past and future assembly of the City Assembly Ivan Ćelić. Milan Bandic, Bruno Esih, Zlatko Hasanbegovic, Marshal Tito Square, Extraordinary Election for the Assembly, and perhaps a complete local for Zagreb, are some of the topics that we "cuddled" with Celić.

The constitutive session of the City Assembly will be held in 29. this month, what do you expect from her?

I just got a call today for the constituting Assembly. As things stand now, there are two possible scenarios: Milan Bandic's coalition with the SDP-HNS-HSS-HSU list or new elections for the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb in the fall. There is no third possibility.

Will the HDZ continue its Zagreb cooperation with Milan Bandic, if so, under what conditions?

For the HDZ in Zagreb, it is acceptable cooperation with all those who want to work with the aim of better quality of life of Zagreb and Zagreb. You know how we supported the City of Zagreb budget over the past two years. Amendments to the budget of more than 200 million for the final merger of Branimirova Street with Kolakovo, the rotation of the rotor in Remetinac, the reconstruction of the Sljeme lifts and the modernization of the market, are just some of the projects we have advocated over the past period. If Mr. Bandic is ready for program and project co-operation, we in HDZ are ready to talk and work on the implementation of plans that have been irrelevant for years. We have professional and competent people who are ready to contribute their experience and knowledge to the development of Zagreb.

You are, as a city organization, to change the name of Marshal Tito's Square, are you still in line with that, or do you agree with Bandic's referendum?

The HDZ City Committee of the City of Zagreb clearly and unambiguously pledged to change the Marshal Tito Square, which we have tried to achieve on two occasions. After the previous oral promise of the mayor Milan Bandic, as the chairman of the Board for the appointment of streets, squares and settlements I put that point on the agenda of the Committee, but only the HDZ and HSLS were discussing this point at the session of the City Assembly. Nor was it possible. He now recommends a referendum, knowing that the existing Referendum Act only allows the theoretically to change the name. Milan Bandic will never give up Tito, because if he give up, he would give up his political origin and identity.

What do you think of Bruno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegovic's letter?

Bruna Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegović have established a new political party and are quite expected to try to score on the subject that is the backbone of their political activity. The letter sent to Bandic aims to tell the potential coalition partner their zero, starting point for bargaining, and the letter sent to Plenković and Stier has more provocative levels, pointing to their adjoining party colleagues that they are not sufficiently "orthodox" and thus " "A political option presented by the two of them.

Do you want any possible future coalition with Bandic Bruno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegovic?

I repeat that it is a possible coalition with all those willing to invest all their capacities to become a modern European capital, which is a pleasant life for all those who want to live and work there. Apart from the initiative to change the Marshal Tito Square, from that new party I have not heard anything about how to rebuild schools, how to open new ambulances, build new sports halls, how to make it available at 2017. each household has a water supply and sewage system. Without diminishing the importance of condemning all totalitarian regimes, this is a much more important topic for me in local elections.

If it comes to co-operation with Bandic, will you ask for the seat of the Assembly President? I hear Drago Prgomet and Andrija Mikulić are pretending to be there?

So far, the HDZ has had no official talks with any political party that has its MPs at the City Assembly. If there is a real chance that the seat of the President of the Assembly belongs to the HDZ, the decision on the candidate will be made on the foreseen party bodies. The HDZ has several quality candidates ready to perform this honorable duty, not just Mikulić and Prgometa.

What will you, as a city representative, strive for?

Although Zagreb has good health and social policies, which are in many areas superordinate to other local self-government units in Croatia, there is still a lot more to where it can be better and better. Preventing the addictive behavior pattern, educating young people, strengthening primary health care, improving the rights of people with disabilities, caring for the elderly and helpless, better care of people with autistic spectrum disorders are just some of the areas where I've been trying to make my contribution and I will continue .

Word to end, if you want to add something?

The existing General Urban Plan is completely outdated. In order for every citizen to be entitled to the same quality of life, it is imperative that the city develop polycentric. This means that new centers for gathering people are needed, all from Sesvete to New Zagreb. Much of this we have been addressing in the recent election campaign, I expect we will soon see the realization of at least some projects.