Arriving by car at Lake Bundek is becoming an expensive venture today. The parking card on this lake in Novi Sad will now cost 120 kuna and will be worth an 24 hour. So Bundek has entered the so-called 1.2 zone, and the aim of the City Administration and Zagrebparking is to reduce the number of cars on the lake as we learn.

- Zagrebparking branch office introduces parking lots at the location of Bundek, bordered by Bridge of Freedom, Bridge of Youth, Savska nasip and Ulicom damir Tomljanović Gavrana. Public parking lots are organized in the 1.2 zone (red) where, according to the Ordinance on the use of public parking lots and public garages, a daily parking ticket is available for the price of 120 kuna, which is valid 24 hours from the moment of issuance. The daily parking ticket for the 1.2 zone can be purchased at the branch office of Vukovar Street 41 and in Subotica Street 40 or will be issued by an authorized person in the parking lot - is on the pages of Zagrebparking.

This decision, as we know, wants to reduce the number of cars in the Lake of New York, that is, to encourage citizens to come to the Bundek by public transport, bicycle or on foot.

A similar decision was made two and a half years ago for the Upper Town area, which since then is in the 1.1 zone, where there is also only a daily chart and costs even the 150 kuna. In that way, he wanted to reduce the number of cars in Gornji Grad and allow the tenants to find a free parking space.

But this new decision by the city authorities, apparently, did not come to the approval of citizens. Their dissatisfaction with the citizens of Zagreb is expressed through Facebook. They wonder why Jarun can park for only 5 kunas, while Budnius is paying parking today with "dry gold". They also claim that their decision will make it much more difficult (or less expensive) to arrive with the family and young children at Bundek