Robert Hirc

Reformist from Bandic's List of Parliaments Robert Hirc believes that the City Assembly will eventually be constituted as the representatives will find that no one will meet new elections for the city parliament - some of them will no longer enter it, all projects worth more than a million kuna will be will be paused until the Assembly is constituted ...

For less than a week, the first session of the City Assembly is scheduled, will you be able to make a constitution?

I have already said in one of our previous talks that I am convinced that the majority will be formed. Whether it will be in the first attempt I can not say with certainty, given the relationship between power in assembly and high ideological obedience. But if it fails in the first attempt, two more opportunities remain.

Esih-Hasanbegović, but also the HDZ, are seeking the renaming of the Marshal Tito Square. Bandic, on the other hand, does not give up referendums for now - will he succeed in finding a common language or will Bandic try to form the majority with other options, such as SDP?

I personally do not participate in those conversations. The mayor told the media that he had handed this piece of work to his deputy, Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic. For HDZ I do not believe that the renaming of this square is crucial either for refusing to be in the Assembly majority. Ms. Esih has been on ideological topics and won mandates in the Assembly and it is not unexpected that he will continue to insist on them. This is her right and for this she has the legitimacy of her voters. I do not think the ideological historical issues at this point are the priority of Zagreb.

For the constitution of the Assembly, you have three attempts, then by then may someone be allowed to relax? If not, new Assembly elections are awaiting us. Should it be Zagreb?

Neither should I, nor will it, in my opinion. Rather than dealing with the construction of a children's hospice in Blato or the big project "Zagreb on the Sava", which the Reformists have been proposing for many years, the ideological historical themes are again dominant. Unlike Mrs. Esih's party or, on the other hand, for example, the Radical Front, which draws its political power from ideological conflicts, other parties closer to the center on both sides of the political spectrum should act responsibly and accept serious city projects. Citizens are not interested in repeating the election. We must all be aware of this. If we split the positions of some political parties in the Assembly, then it is more apparent why in my opinion no new elections will come.

If in the end it will go to new elections for the Assembly, it will pause for a few months all Zagreb projects worth more than a million kuna ?!

This is clear to all actors, but not everyone will be able to abolish responsibility for such a situation. Citizens in the elections usually punish those who brought it. On the other hand, if there may have been a second and third attempt at constituting, then the parties and some representatives could begin to think whether they would be found in the new assembly of the City Assembly. It is a big question if all of us have achieved the same success. I believe that for some parties and individuals it would be a disadvantageous scenario.

If you are constituting, will you survive the first Budgeting, or else?

Mayor Bandic succeeded in defending the budgets and had a much less favorable relationship with the City Assembly. It is not in the interests of the city that budgets fall. It is necessary to gather a responsible majority and act responsibly.

And word for the end ...

Reformists are party projects, not ideologies. In Varaždin County where Reformist Čačić is the county chief, the HDZ and the SDP also work with the Reformists and other parties. No one asks Ustashas and Partisans. The first dominant theme is to build a fast track to Zagreb. In Petrinja where Mayor Reformist Dumbovic, 500 millions of kuna of EU funds were withdrawn in the last mandate, and in this mandate, the amount for development projects amounts to billions of kunas, which is huge money for such a small town. No one in Croatia has exceeded. I would also like to have a chance to talk about projects in this conversation on Zagreb themes. Unfortunately, citizens of Zagreb still have to "suffer" ideological issues instead of dealing with major urban development projects. I hope that this will soon change, that the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb will be constituted and that in one of the following talks we will talk about completely other issues in the interest of citizens. I invite the parties to compete in quality development projects, and historical themes to be given to historians.