Less than a week remained at the first constitutive session of the City Assembly, and still does not know who will do most with Bandic and his deputies. The communal themes, all of which are important to them, have not yet come because they have been caught on the Marshall Titus.

Milan Bandic he won the highest number of mandates at the City Assembly, 14, but not nearly enough to make decisions. With his partner, HDZ, who won the 7 mandate, also has not enough hands. There are so 21s. So I need some 5.

Bruna Esih she won exactly 5 mandates, but she negotiated the negotiations by changing the name of Marshal Tito Square, for which Bandic did not agree. He wants to organize a referendum on this topic.

But the referendum seems to be more and more controversial against the HDZs who, for the last convocation, made the decision to go to the renaming of the Marshal Tito Square, which they then unsuccessfully tried to push into the agenda of the Assembly.

Although the world will not fail if the Assembly does not constitute 29. this month, because there are two more chances at the end of July and the end of August, the problem is that all that time in Zagreb will not be able to make important decisions.

Let us remind you, Mayor Bandic can independently make decisions "heavy" to one million kuna, for all the others, above this amount, must get the green light of city representatives.

If, however, the three attempts to establish the Assembly were to fail, there would be new elections, but only for the city parliament, which would further prolong the impossibility of making "more expensive" decisions, thus hopping even larger projects in Zagreb.

So the question remains - who will give up, or who will use the current position to take advantage of Milan Bandic or one of his possible (and even impossible) partners ?!

- As things stand, Normally, neither Esih nor Hasanbegović can not give up what they promised to their voters in Zagreb. Any other decision would be wrong and voters would have to punish them when - clarifies the situation of lawyer Pero Kovačević and adds that Milan Bandic leaving the other options that have entered the Assembly leave an agreement about the president and vice president, actually giving them the responsibility of possible new elections for the Assembly.

No Pero Kovačević he thinks that the things in the Assembly could be arranged differently, and this will also show the situation in the city district councils. If it fails with HDZ and Bruno Esih, maybe Bandic among other MPs, ie, finds their new partners in the lists.

It is similar to Bruno Esih who is arguing that the Assembly may repeat the situation in Parliament - after one or two failed attempts to establish the Assembly, someone says that they will support Bandic but "just for the sake of Zagreb" went to new elections.

- Milan Bandic during the campaign, and earlier in the Parliament, could very well hear our views on such topics, and the Marshal Tito Square. So he could already know what one of us as potential partners could expect. Well if you're going to somebody in a coalition, you have to meet a partner - clarifies for The Next Bruno Esih and adds that it is possible that the mayor may already have a spare plan in the form of some other list or at least individuals with these lists.

- Or Assembly Assembly could repeat the situation from the Parliament, that someone suddenly appears as a partner because there are no other partners because they have no other options - continues Esih, adding that she and her representatives will certainly not be guilty of new elections for the Assembly if they eventually came to them.

- Changing the name of Marshal Tito's Square is a prerequisite, a kind of zero point, giving hands. It is not a search, it is not what will come later, it is not kindergarten and school, it is not waste. None of us had given up on these topics, so I mostly communicated them during the campaign, and this was like an ideological theme all the time, but that does not mean I give up on other topics. These are topics that come after this prerequisite. All of us are expecting these themes of life, but no one can deprive us of delay or blame for new elections because nobody has ever contacted us or discussed with us. The other thing would be that we were in talks, that something was being filled up with us, and that's what we were refusing and defeating. But nobody asked us about the stand, we went out with him - concludes Bruno Esih.

Although many believe that former Bandic's assembly partner, HSLS Darinko Kosor, could resume it with some sort of coalition, although he had already said that he would not, in a conversation Further Kosor repeated again that he would not come back to sleep with the mayor of Zagreb.

- Bandic has no choice, can form majority with HDZ and Bruno Esih, or we will be on new elections. Everything is clear, all the cards are clear, no spare players. Five or six people need it for a stable majority, meaning that it is a single man, Milan would probably succeed, but five or six of them are just a fair coalition - with Bruno Esih and HDZ . So there is no trading, no buying - was categorical in the conversation for Dalje was Darinko Kosor who once again stressed that he and his representatives will be a strong opposition to Bandic.

"The thing is very clear, if we have said for a year that we will not be with him alone, so that we could now, and that would be a scam of the voter - Kosor concluded.

Bandic and his men, on all these issues, are quite calm. If the Assembly fails to formulate the three attempts, it will go to new elections for city representatives, and Bandic will certainly know how to communicate to himself in favor of and for any other cause for the arrest of the City of Zagreb. Or there will be another script mentioned in the text - you may still find partners among some other options. Or, in the end, discounts the proposal for the renaming of the Marshal Tito Square to the Assembly.