Milan Bandic, source: Facebook

Members of the Party of Labor and Solidarity, along with many citizens and sympathizers, celebrated Saturday in Bundek their victory at the recent local elections. Celebration, of course, was joined by the new-old Zagreb mayor and leader of the Party of Labor and Solidarity Milan Bandic.

The summer heat did not prevent many Zagreb and Zagreb people from joining this celebration, and the rich music program featured by musicians Kićo Slabinac, Drago Diklić, Miro Ungar, Zdravko Škender, Ana Rucner and many others, garnered all generations.

President of the Party of Labor and Solidarity and Zagreb Mayor in the sixth mandate Milan Bandic he greeted the crowd and thanked him for the trust.

- I want to thank my fellow citizens, the 150 of the thousands who gave us the trust, who are not here with us today. I'll tell you six more thanks. Thank you for living together with Zagreb's demographic reconstruction, Zagreb's knowledge and education, work and employment, Zagreb's solidarity and social justice, which is recognizable throughout Europe, thank you for living in Zagreb's communion, security and openness. They say that the first man is born with talent, but if he wants to succeed, everything else is 'slammed', or what the hell in Zagreb would say, work to extinction. A man needs talent, but he needs to have the passion and love to love people. The secret of ours and my success, the secret of our six mandates, is passion and love. I just love people! I am in love with people and this city, in you and in every good man, no matter what it is called, whether it is baptized or slaughtered, where he is born, etc. Zagreb is the strongest city for its multiculturalism, multiconfessionality and multicultural dimension. I'm proud of it and that's the biggest project I've been killing you with the last 17 years. And finally, thank you for everything we will do in the next four years, responsibly, decisively, consistently and together - Milan Bandic gathered at Bundek said.

In addition to barbecues and cold drinks, he celebrated and dwelt until late evening hours.