With the journalist and editor of Apple TV Sarah Srdar Žiljak, we have commented on current political events in Zagreb, and they are not lacking in the good old way. HDZ said on Sunday that he would support the motion for the renaming of Marshal Tito's Square, in relation to Brno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegović, against the referendum on that issue. What will this mean for the creation of the majority in the Assembly, for the relations of the national and recent Zagreb coalition partner partners, the HDZ and Bandic, whether the Assembly will be constituted or we will for early elections for city representatives, which will be with the Budget ...

What do you expect from the forthcoming constitutive session of the City Assembly in view of all the circumstances?

I do not know what to expect, it is weird that three to four days before the session we know nothing. Even the people from Holding with whom I contact and ask who will be the manager, who will get the place. So, absolutely no one knows anything. I think it will definitely be a chaos because we have a lot of different options, but that means we will not be bored, at least with that journalist, although I do not think this is a good situation for the development of the city.

That was my next question - what will this Assembly mean for the City of Zagreb, a constant ideological debate, or will it still be possible to find out which project is there ?!

I think it will certainly be so, that we are going to discuss history all the time, about Titus - was it a criminal, was not a criminal, should we have a square or not. I do not think we will have any real issues to deal with, such as GUP, waste disposal and Jakuševac, which would certainly be up to 2020. should be solved.

And HDZ will support the renaming of Marshal Tito Square, a comment?

Actually, it seems that Brunei Esih's letters have been fruitful since last week, that it made sense to send it. The HDZ has never concealed the fact that for the change of the name of Trg maršala Tita, Andrija Mikulić told us that he is not for a referendum, that the representatives are those who are elected on behalf of citizens to make decisions. Honestly, I think that Milan Bandic should not give up on this, should stick to his position because we also had national coalitions that did not succeed either first and foremost, the Bridge has always put its demands. At the first opportunity, not a year after the agreement, the coalitions fired. So how much Milan Bandic will mean even if they meet the demands of Bruno Esih and HDZ. So, I think those coalitions just can not take long and endure.

If Milan Bandić continues to persevere in a referendum, will he be able to find another way?

At the very beginning, I was convinced that Bandic would go with HDZ and with deputies from the list of Sandra Švaljek. Darinko Kosor told us that this is certainly not an option, but it was somehow the most logical for me to have that coalition from the national level of the copy to the City of Zagreb as well. But if Bandic did not have the majority, I do not think it was a problem for him. Well, he had no representative in the 2009.-2013., And it all worked. Besides, you can always find a few representatives, offer them some places and so buy them. We had the situation of Nenad Matić - HSLS-HSS emerges from the coalition with Bandic in the Assembly, Matić becomes the Head of Goods Terminals and today we have the situation that he left the HSS, founded his party and in coalition with Milan Bandić. After all, he went to the Assembly through him.

There is, let's remind, Bandic and ace in his sleeve - the Parliament. Andreja Plenković in these moments is very important to support the so-called Bandic's parliamentary team ?!

The HDZ will not go against it, but it is questionable where it will procure the other 5-6 MPs for the most missing.

Is there any premature elections in Zagreb, maybe only for the Assembly or complete, if not the Budget?

I do not think there will be any elections for the Assembly now, I think it will be constituted, even from the first. But I certainly think we are threatening the early elections, if not for a year, then for two. Maybe next year on the Budget Bandic will buy somebody again, that is, get somebody's hands that he needs to make the Budget go. And last year we had this situation - the HDZ announced it would not support the Budget, and eventually endorsed it. It always happens somehow, but in any case, we have a very colorful situation, and I think they will all be arguing with each other and that then Bandic is not so important now to have the majority. He will have his standard 14 hands, and these will let them argue with each other and they will always find these 12 hands as he misses to raise his voice for him to actually be against these others with whom he is in the war.