Matej Mišić

The SDP Youth Forum President Matej Mišić subsequently joined the City Assembly as a substitute for joining his colleagues on Thursday at a constitutive session.

You have come to the City Assembly as a substitute, what is the feeling of becoming a city representative?

Yes, yesterday at the session of the Presidency of the SDP Zagreb was made a decision that I was appointed deputy in the upcoming meeting of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb. I believe I will justify trust in my mandate.

What will you stand for in the Zagreb Parliament?

Through this mandate, I will advocate solving key problems in the city of Zagreb and above all for the immediate closure of the Jákševec waste disposal site, for greater investment in the development of educational infrastructure and transparent management of the city's property.

Will the Assembly succeed in constituting for all events?

It seems that the mayor will continue to work with his former HDZ partners, and we will see whether the proposal for the renaming of the Marshal Tito Square is sufficient to gain the trust of elected representatives from the list of Bruno Esih.

After Bandic's proposal to rename the Marshal Tito Square in the Republic of Croatia Square, HDZ decided to continue cooperating with it ?!

Expected. This cooperation has never been questioned since the last two years have been continuously cooperating in both the city and the national level. Everything else was a well-played show for the public.

What is your attitude to the Marshal Tito Square, should he change his name or not?

I am in favor of keeping the name of the square as a symbol of anti-fascist struggle. Still, it is important that we stop dramatizing around the name of the square, as while it literally burns our garbage containers full of garbage, literally we do not have high quality nutrition in kindergartens, literally, the roofs in schools are literally torn down and literally we do not have sewage. I'm interested in what life in Zagreb will be for ten years, not what it was seventy years ago.

What do you expect from the vote on Marshal Tito Square - if a proposal comes to the session, only one Bandic's agent must be against the proposal of falling into water, of course, unless anyone other than his and Bruno Esih's list and the HDZ does not support that proposal?

I am sure that HDZ and Bruno Esih will support the change of the name of the square, while the mayor and deputies from his list can not say with certainty that the Mayor has already changed his mind in the past couple of days.