Bruna Esih

If Milan Bandić always has an asa in his sleeve, we have convinced many times so far. The latest evidence is its yesterday's idea that Trg Maršala Tita is renamed in the Trg Republike Hrvatske. That is how the HDZ and Bruno Esih, who are now ready to talk to him about assembly co-operation, have received the affection. Moreover, in this way, Bandic somewhat silenced the opponents of renaming, because everyone who opposes it will in some way oppose Croatia itself.

Milan Bandic yesterday he had "bought" the majority at the City Assembly. By yesterday he did not know if he would have it, whether he would have it and whether the Assembly would be constituted at a session on Thursday or we will have to wait until the end of July and maybe August if this were to happen.

Bandic tried his opponents until the end, but when he realized that Bruna Esih and her colleague Zlatko Hasanbegović they do not think to give up, and especially when they are in a position to go to the renaming and not a referendum and join the HDZ, Bandic has withdrawn the move - and thus silenced the opponents of renaming and satisfied the proponents of renaming, and provided for himself a minimal majority in the Zagreb Parliament .

Immediately after the announcement that he would go to the Assembly with the proposal to rename the Truth of the Marshal Tito in the Trg Republike Hrvatske, met the Zagreb HDZ and decided to resume Zagreb's cooperation with Bandic.

Though it has speculated from the outset that HDZ and Bandic would continue to be in close relations, Bruno Esih was questioned, whose five deputies were missing to have the above-mentioned minimal majority. With this move, Bruno Esih's condition was fulfilled, she said in a conversation for the portal Further, ready to negotiate with Milan Bandic and his team about co-operation at the City Assembly.

- I think it is clear to the public that renaming was our condition for entering into negotiations and talks to create a majority, because Mr. Bandić, as things now stand, need our hands, that is, five hands from the list of Bruno Esih, yesterday Registered Parties Independent of Croatia - Bruno Esih told Next, adding that this is a big step for Zagreb, for Croatia, but also for their newly founded party.

"Now I expect that these talks should be started very soon, if you really mean what was said yesterday and if you seriously think about forming that majority, there are a number of issues to be discussed openly. This is one thing at the symbolic level that we experience as our victory and some kind of moral satisfaction, at least to us, the most victims and their families, because there are still many political prisoners who have felt all this repression on their own skin. In these negotiations, I believe that a number of other issues of life that we would like to influence as a party will be opened so that it will also be a conversation - added Esih.

We were asking Bruno Esih and he was afraid that all this about renaming the Marshal Tito Square in the Trg Republike Hrvatske could be Bandic's maneuver in which the Assembly formed the first attempt, he provided the initial minimalist majority and did not pass the renaming. If only Milan Bandic, Bruno Esih and HDZ's deputies are to be renamed, it is sufficient that only one Bandic deputy votes against the proposal, and he does not pass. Esih thinks such things will not happen, but he remarks and plans to secure it.

"There is no danger to such a thing, because if something like that happened, our support can be denied at any time. In addition, there will be a series of decisions that we will have to agree with each individual. So, we are not talking about some kind of approach to something without any further conditions, or, without any thought, about further decisions. Additionally, we will ensure such a thing by signing the signatures of other 26 representatives in the Assembly with their signatures, so when people sign it, I believe that so far no one is going to go through their signature - the category is Bruna Esih.

Yet, Esih adds that Bandic is unpredictable and never knows what can happen. And this overtubbing of the referendum and the proposal to rename the square shows its own unpredictability, concludes.

The constitutive session of the Assembly, recalled, is scheduled on Thursday from 10 hours.