Slaven Letica, source: Facebook

On Thursday, a constitutive session of the City Assembly is scheduled, which will certainly be discussed by the Marshal Tito Square, Milan Bandić, after all, wishes to be renamed in the Trg Republike Hrvatske. Bruno Esih and the MPs are happy with it, HDZ is satisfied, but SDPs, HNS members and MPs gathered around the initiative, Zagreb is ours. We all commented on this with Slavic Letica ...

As you look at the situation with Marshal Tito Square - Milan Bandic on Monday has come up with the idea of ​​renaming it in the Trg Republike Hrvatske. So, he left the referendum and suggested renaming, why did he do it?

I think that, politically speaking, he has very cleverly decided to cut off the Gordian knot because the referendum would only lead to deeper divisions between the Zagrepčankans and the Zagrepčans and would symbolically divide them into two major political tribes that would collide and hate referendums and after the referendum. So this is a wise decision by the mayor.

Is it possible that this is not just a wise decision, but something else - maybe Bandic released under the pressure of Bruno Esih and the HDZ, or perhaps some other agreement with HDZ and others. For example, Tito from Zagreb, but also the HOS panel from Jasenovac?

No, that's not it. He made this decision literally in five minutes, led him independently by himself, of course, counting on the fact that the City Assembly has a stable majority. There are no conspiracy theories about this. In essence, after six years, he accepted the initiative initially signed by 500 of the famous Zagrepčani, an initiative to rename the Truth of the Marshal Tito in the Trg Republike Hrvatske.

What do you say about this proposal, is this the happiest solution? Some people do not like that name because they say it reminds them of the former Trg Republike, today's Ban Jelacic Square?

I saw a few fools having such an interpretation. The Republic of Croatia is an independent state, a member of the European Union and the present Trg Republike Hrvatske has nothing to do with the then Trg Republike. Even the Square of the Republic of Croatia did not even call itself the Republic Square, so it could also be thought of Yugoslavia. So Jelačić deserved to have his square, he metaphorically pursued the Republic of Zagreb and by this decision of the mayor, the Republic of Croatia will get its square, as it already has some other states in Zagreb - the Republic of Austria, France and so on. the homeland will eventually get its square.

Will Bandic be enough for the majority in the Assembly, is he now satisfied with potential partners?

I am not a prophet, but if Bruno Esih or Zlatko Hasanbegovic were to be deluded, I think they would do some sort of political suicide. I saw that Hasanbegovic had ironized this saying that this could be called the Square of Masalačka Square, which shows that he is perhaps a scientifically clever man, but that he is politically still dilettant. The Republic of Croatia can not be ironic in such a way, and I think that this decision brought Bandic to take or leave the situation. But of course he will have to offer coalition partners something to offer, such as the Presidency of the Assembly, to some of the more important committees, perhaps the one to rename the streets.