Drago Prgomet and Andrija Mikulić

New urban representatives tomorrow (Thursday) will all meet for the first time in the Old Town Hall. It is scheduled to be the constitutive session of the City Assembly, that is, the first attempt to establish it, because despite the Mayor Milan Bandic fulfilling the request of Br. Esih and the HDZ and renouncing the referendum on the name of Trg maršala Tita and proposing his re-appointment in the Trg Republike Hrvatske, the question is how much they will need to fit some starting points of future assembly co-operation.

Consequently, the Assembly may not be constituting at tomorrow's session, which would be the first time in the recent Zagreb history that this did not happen from the first attempt.

The HDZ Assembly Speaker of the former convocation, a future MP, but also one of the candidates for the new president of the Zagreb parliament, Andrija Mikulić, is optimistic, he says. Hope therefore that the City Assembly will still be constituted tomorrow.

- I personally end up optimistic. We in the Croatian Democratic Union will do everything we can to form. I have to say that this condition, as our colleagues call it a condition, was not a special condition for us, but it was one of the conditions, one of the topics to be discussed in the package. If we are constituted and citizens expect it, it is a question of political responsibility towards those who gave us confidence and who have chosen us - told Forward Andrija Mikulić stressing that he does not finger with anyone, even Bruno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegovic, until the constitution does not come at a session on Thursday.

Bruna Esih i Zlatko Hasanbegovićon Mondays, after Bandic's promise to change the name of Marshal Tito's Square, they were comforted to enter into serious talks with the mayor of Zagreb and members of his list. These talks-negotiation-negotiations, we know, could take two to three weeks, which means that the Assembly will probably not be constituted tomorrow.

- I'm not going to throw guilty to anyone. So if tomorrow there are certain conditions, we follow the precedent that must be to be constituted - continues Mikulić.

With Bandić and Bruno Esih, if they all manage to agree, they expect a program of cooperation, the same as the HDZ and the Zagreb mayor had in the past.

- We, at the Presidency of the City Organization, made the decision to start negotiations on a potential partner in the Assembly, and in this case, the winner of the local elections is Milan Bandic and his list and he is a mandate, so we will start negotiating with him. We will insist on program co-operation, all we have made for the amendments, as we have said in the campaign, we will insist on these projects - those that are running to end and those who are not to be launched - Andrija Mikulić said in a conversation for Next.

The constitutive session, according to the Rules of Procedure and the decision of the Minister in charge, shall be led by the Secretary General of the City Assembly. After the constitution of the Mandate Commission, the session will chair the first of the list that has received the highest mandate, in this case it is Ana Stavljenić Rukavina. It will, however, lead a session to the election of the President of the Assembly. The question, then, is whether all this will happen on Thursday, or will we have to wait until the end of July and maybe August ?! And the question is who will be the president. This place is also sought by one and the other Bandic potential partner, with the inside of the HDZ taking the battle between Mikulić and Drage Prgometa, HDZs tell us well-versed in the situation.