Zlatko Hasanbegović

Assembly on tomorrow's constitutive session - will not be constituted. Even though we have written on the portal "Next" that this is the most likely scenario, it is also confirmed by the Bruno Esih representative, Zlatko Hasanbegović, on the Bujica Veljan Bujanec show.

- The Assembly will not be constituted tomorrow. By accepting our zero terms, the conditions for starting the conversation have been met. The constitution of the Assembly should be the crown of these talks, and they have not even started. We need to agree who will be the president of the Assembly, who will be the Vice Presidents, who will get that board, and that can not be done in 24 hours. Until we reach key agreements - there is no constitution. The present relationship between Milan Bandic and the HDZ in the form of vassal relations and the division of some small sinekura does not come to mind - Zlatko Hasanbegović was categorized in Bujica, adding that the consensus of this future majority assembly was reached and that only 30 days have begun to run out of date.

- We will continue to talk about the municipal problems and the division of responsibility, and we will also seek the written guarantee of all those who will be in this majority that at the first regular session of the City Assembly will change the name of the Square - Hasanbegović concluded.

Recall, Milan Bandic for the majority of the Assembly, a minimum 26 hand should be required. Its representatives have 14, with HDZ support, which has 7, missing five hands, exactly as much as it won the list Brune Esih.