For a few hours, the constitutive session of the City Assembly is scheduled, or perhaps the first attempt to establish it. Zlatko Hasanbegović, on Wednesday in Bujica, announced that the Assembly will not be constituted because negotiations of potential coalition partners, Milan Bandic, HDZ, and Bruno Esih are still to begin. Will we wait then by the end of July or will Bandic find other partners ?! We have also commented on this and other related topics with the editor of the TV Network and journalist who has been following Zagreb's policy for more than a decade - Valentin Jarnjak Glavaš.

What do you expect from the constitutive session of the City Assembly, which starts in a few hours?

What do I expect? I'm used to not expecting anything, especially when it comes to the City of Zagreb, or Mayor Milan Bandić. When he is concerned, when he is the one who runs the main word, especially when he is so silent as he is silent now when it comes to all combinations, everything is possible. I think the Assembly will be constituted, but not the first. Everything goes in this direction, we see it and its change in the position around the Marshal Tito Square, although I think it's a horrible political fallacy for him.


No matter what I said I did not expect anything because everything is possible in Zagreb and Bandic, never, or at least very rarely, how much I follow his work and the Assembly, in the last ten years, is not irrelevant to political factors and let's be realistic - the new forces that emerged in Zagreb are still irrelevant, and even with the 6 percent and the same number of votes they have received, it has not so relinquished public and kneeling. Realistically, his speech in front of the Music Academy was kneeling, and it's not nice to see it from an adult, mature man who is already sixth mayor of the capital's mayor.

Why did he do so - did not have a second choice, so he dropped under the pressure of Bruno Esih and the HDZ, or something else, some other agreement we do not yet know?

Perhaps, but only perhaps, it is possible for the citizens of Zagreb, in this way, to try, at least apparently, to make it known that they are the most important, so that they do not want to endanger them because of the Marshall Tito Square and send them to another election. But let's be realistic, Milan Bandic does not want to go to another election. That's the last option. And now, as he will "spin" his decisions, his decision changes, I think, we all know his great talk about self-inflicting on Ban Jelacic Square, about all possible promises, after insulting journalists, if they dare to ask why he did not fulfill the promises because Usually journalists are guilty of failing to fulfill the promises because we are the ones we are malicious. But I do not want to go into the reasons why he did it and how it would justify it, just to say that this was the first time that he directly showed weakness and knelt before real, irrelevant political factors.

He attended Radio Sljeme on the topic of the Assembly, Coalition and Trumpet Marshal Tito, and was quite uncomfortable with the journalist, who posed quite legitimate questions to him. Does it show anxiety about this situation in Zagreb?

We can only go back to the fact that he is the only one who will not help the new elections in Zagreb, at least. I do not think even the SDP should be so afraid of new elections as Milan Bandic, because worse than this can not pass, all that says.

Do you think he would go even worse?

Everyone is talking about the worse the HDZ passed by mandates in the Assembly, the worse the SDP, but the worst was Milan Bandic. He lost his voices, he lost his mandate. So, his people and his estimates he wants to put in the Assembly, citizens believe less and less. It ought to be talked about as a person who should be worried because the numbers show it.

If and when they are constituted, will it be a coalition of Bandic-Esih-HDZ or someone else? The HDZ, I believe, is sure, but will someone else come to the list of Bruno Esih instead?

Everything is possible. But if the SDP said it would put the back for the benefit of Zagreb and Zagreb, then I do not see the difference between them and the HNS, and they are calling for it. Then they really no longer have any argument to call HNS that he did something different. Second, about Darink Kosor, we can think of things, but only what I really do not believe Darinko Kosor did it again. After trying it once - he said we would put back, collaborate with Bandic, and then leave him and never say more ?! I mean, if he wants to go completely to a political retirement, then he'll do it. Twice inventing to get back with the same man, I really do not think even Darinko Kosor would do it.

If it is agreed and agreed, will it take four years or will we expect early elections for a year or two?

If Milan Bandic has something to teach us, then it is the strongest one when he is the weakest. He is guided by the HDZ - the strongest when it is the hardest, so it's actually his logo and slogan. He was the weakest in the presidency of Boris Šprem at the City Assembly, then politically on his knees, there was no maneuver to lift from the floor - and in such circumstances he almost became President of the SDP, the president of the Republic of Croatia. After that, it was convincingly re-elected by local elections, and it has never happened to go to early elections, except when he was hiding that traffic accident, and that was the only time for early elections to take place. Everything else has never hurt him. But on the other hand, for everything there is for the first time, this is his sixth mandate, he got it harder, tighter than ever and sometimes he has to turn, no matter what he wants to be a lifelong mayor. But sometimes things turn, and is this mandate - I doubt it.