Mikulić-Bandic, source: Facebook

Expected, the constitution of the City Assembly failed. As we have already written on several occasions, Milan Bandic, by the decision to rename Trg Maršala Tita, only opened the possibility of negotiating the formation of the Assembly with Bruno Esih and her deputies. So, the negotiations that would claim all three parties to participate in them should take up to a month, after which they will go on a new attempt, and then, if everything goes wrong, it should have been constituted.

Although the negotiations should be started today, and before they started, they could encounter problems. HDZ, according to Večernji list, with the position of the President of the Assembly and some of the positions in the Zagreb Holding, is looking for three or four city offices, among them the City Finance Office, which is currently being led Slavko Kojić, The City Office for Education, Culture and Sports at the head of which it is Ivica Lovric and the Health Office in your hands Mirne Šitum.

It is precisely their claim that could pose a serious problem because it is a criminal offense, says Finance Minister Slavko Kojić.

- It seems to be a waste of mind to point out the demands for the head of jobs that are subject to the public procurement institute, in the process of political negotiations, elements of a criminal offense - told Further Slavko Kojić.

Article 339. Criminal law is more than clear about this issue - a prison sentence is also foreseen for only seeking certain positions.

- Whoever as an MP in the Croatian Parliament, the European Parliament or as a councilor in a representative body of a local and regional self-government unit requests or accepts a bribe or accepts a bid or promise of a bribe to vote in a certain manner in a representative body, shall be punished by imprisonment for six months five years - is in the first paragraph 339. Article of the Penal Code.

- The punishment from paragraph 1. of this Article will be punished who will offer, promise or give a bribe in a representative body in the Croatian Parliament, the European Parliament or the councilor in the representative body of the local or regional self-government unit in a certain way - is contained in the second paragraph of the same Article of the Criminal Code.

HDZ's, therefore, by searching for certain city offices violate the Criminal Code and risk a prison sentence of up to five years. Milan Bandic, on the other hand, can not meet their wishes, even though despite the fact that on Wednesday he demanded that his mandates be made available to him. This is prevented by the Law on the Government Procurement Procedure.

The mayors are nominated by public bidding, they are appointed for four years, and the law expressly forbids the different treatment.

- Personnel changes are prohibited in the process of power-up of state power and executive powers in units of local and regional self-government, except for the duties for which the mandate is available according to the provisions of this Law. Persons who have a status of civil servant and are placed on a job on the basis of a nomination, by prior public bid, are not required to put a mandate at their disposal on the day when they enter the duty of the Government, ie, the Municipal Mayor, mayor, prefect and mayor of the City of Zagreb. Appointed officials from item 2. of this Article may be solved only for reasons, in the manner and in accordance with the provisions of the Law governing the local and regional self-government and the Law governing official relations - among other things, is contained in the Law on Government Procurement Procedure.

Will potential coalition partners, Milan Bandic, HDZ and Bruna Esih, make arrangements for a month, when, at the end of July, we will go back to the constitution of the Assembly, we will see. We will also see whether individuals and individual options continue to insist on what their law defends, or whether they will be punished properly for their violation ?!