Marko Melčić, the source of Facebook HRT

SDP's Marko Melčić for Next commented on current political events in Zagreb. The assembly at the session on Thursday is not constituted and this is the first time in modern Croatian history to go to another attempt to establish. This has led to turmoil on the national and therefore the political scene in Zagreb - the new forces, the weakness of the "old" forces and the new coalition.

For the first time the Assembly was not constituted from the first, at least since Croatia. Comment?

The presidency was made for the undemocratic blackmail by a non-Jewish group.

So is not everyone in the political arena asking what he wants ?! On the other, will it please the "group"?

He has the right to ask, but this was a suspense of democratically elected institutions.

How? They have two more attempts to build. Was not the Parliament, at Oreskovic, constituted from the former?

With negotiations between and uncertain outcome and possible surprises. Bruna Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegović had a silver bullet and shot it.

Did Milan Bandic show his weakness for the first time?

No, I do not know what time she has proven to be resourceful.

But will it be enough to achieve what he wants?

Will, in all variants, remains the mayor. And he just wants it.

If in any case the majority of the Assembly fail to negotiate, what options are there?


Most with someone else, not Bruno Esih and her list?

And that.

With whom?

With the left.

Do you think you would agree?

Everyone finally realized that HNS is not left and that Bandic is lying, as some of us spoke in time, and Bruno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegović are too right for HDZ.

So you expect the constitution of the Assembly, but with a slightly different power ratio, or?

I do not know, I have to wait.

If all goes as politicians promise, Zagreb remains without the Truth of Marshal Tito. What, by you, does that get you?

Zagreb can not be without the Marshall Tito Square except for temporary.

Why? And how do you mean it, what does that mean?

It will be returned like a square of fascists of fascism.

So, even after Titus - will we talk about Titus again?

About Titus is only science, only the Assembly is a square.

In all likelihood, the harsh era is ahead of us. What does all this mean for communal problems, waste problems, traffic, etc.?

About waste and incinerators after years of work in Čistoća and in ZGOS can speak comfortably, but no one asks me even from the SDP, everyone knows Zvoné Brumnić and Dominik Etlinger. To call me the mayor, I have a quick solution. The traffic started well with the introduction of ZET's buses on compressed natural gas, but it cares.