Trg maršala Tita

Although the Assembly has not yet constituted, which is a prerequisite for the announced renaming of the Marshal Tito Square, the debate has begun whether it is possible to do so without citizens. Lawyer and former MP Pero Kovačević explains that without the citizens or the opinions of the city councils and the local committees can not go to any renaming, but if the opinion is obtained - the renaming can go even if it is negative.

The proposal of renaming a certain public area - street, square or settlement - must first go to the parent assembly committee. If the proposal on that committee gets green, then it is only on the agenda of the Assembly session, and before that it is necessary to obtain the opinion of the local council, that is, the district council.

- Milan Bandic proposes first to change the name of Marshal Tito's Square to the Board for the appointment of streets, squares and settlements. The committee meets and accepts or does not accept this proposal, and then submits it to the Assembly, and this item enters the agenda of the session. Then, at that stage, when the item entered the agenda, before the discussion at the session of the City Assembly, it is necessary to obtain the opinion of the city district and the local committee. Therefore, it is the opinion that the proponent is obliged to obtain, but does not commit - explains Pero Kovačević for the portal Dalje adding that he, at one time, as a city representative, precisely because of not receiving the opinions, VMO and VGČ "removed" items from the agenda and asked to act according to the Rules.

- You can not do without the obtained opinion, it is a procedural mistake that breaks the whole process, but the opinion as such does not bind the Assembly - concludes Pero Kovačević.

Thus, despite various interpretations and writings, Milan Bandic is open to the announced renaming of Marshal Tito Square in the Republic of Croatia Square, promising to drop under pressure Brune Esih i Zlatka Hasanbegovic which was precisely the precondition for negotiations on assembly co-operation.

By the end of July, let's remind ourselves, the negotiations on the Bandic-Esih-HDZ deal should end, the Assembly is constituted, and then at the first regular session it will be renamed. Of course, if potential coalition partners do not waver somewhere.