When I get sick, how difficult it is, it does not bother me with the usual worries ... I'm not even wondering if the bacteria will spread? Do I have lung inflammation? Do I have to sick? Chemotherapy?

No, at that moment I have one concern: Do I have to, and do I have to go to a clinic in Kozara Boka?

Except that I was paralyzed because of the red-tooth-shaped teeth that softened us as little as we were sick with the teeth, I noticed that the angles of the ambulance had picked up my initials before the 30 years ago.

But it's not a painful dental past, which is why I occasionally swear by myself because I did not move the "cardboard" elsewhere. The reason is a small, claustrophobic, summer-hot whirlpool full of people. Well, we've accidentally come to the problem. People…

Just to speed up unlucky people who will bring some sudden or contagious disease to this ambulance. Not for a living head, do not try to get through the line just how simple a thing you should do. "I only need a referral," "only finding," or "just a handful", will bring unrivaled clutter and dirt that makes the living wall of the late lady "with sugar and pressure," which seems to have moved completely to the hot waiting room.

Do not try to leave a book on the table as well, thinking someone will call you in the order. No, that will not happen. Never. At least with my doctor. And now you wonder what to do? After you have greeted politely (and the patients greeted you with a ruthless look at a rival of you who is perhaps more sick), you have to ask "who is the last"?

Then always, but always finds some stupid joke who will tell you, but only when you find out who's in front of you can somehow know who you are.

I have a elaborate system. Let's say, I remember being in front of me in red sticks or a grandmother who has a scar on my head. I keep them as a drunken plot and my focus is focused solely on the stems or hooves. Any joking, high temperature complaints, warning that you're going to mess around in the waiting room for weakness will not help you. You will not enter the order. The term "urgent case" in our ambulance is of a completely different character. It can only be urgent if you are bowing with a knife in your back or a possible knee injury. Everything else can and must wait.

Waiting has its own special preference, not because it lasts immensely long, but because it is a great opportunity to listen to the "sugar tanning" talk that seems to me every day:

- She Sofia is the only one! No wonder her husband left her! "She says angrily," she mumbled the lady with a cock, chasing her lips, and the other maramus clears the sweat of her forehead and answers:

- I can not even think of it! Imagine, so many children have to do with what her pool is doing!

And just when I was interested and wondered if I knew that whore, and tried to remember who would have this pool in my neighborhood, my curiosity scattered like a soap sponge. Literally, soaps:

"I do not know, we'll see tonight ... The ending is an episode, maybe it does," he said, leaning against the chair and making me feel like the last fool who did not recognize the Mexican thrill.

In addition to the Turkish-Mexican-Spanish series, you will know all the diagnoses of patients in the waiting room, waiting for the school's successful grandchildren to originate. Soon, you will stop hurting, pass the temperature, and you will forget why you have come. You will notice that it has already become dark and that everything has somewhat tolled ... And then you will be as lazy as you can open the door, you will see the light and the smiling sister who invites you. Am I in heaven? No, I came to order with a doctor in Kozara Boku ...