Trg maršala Tita

Five days before Tito first appeared for the first time at a session of the City Assembly, mayor Milan Bandic authorized the payment of 165 thousand for a project celebrating a brighter personality of Croatian and world history.

Our most famous cellist Ana Rucner recorded for this money with the Zagreb Philharmonic a music video about Nikola Tesla produced and directed by her former husband, Vlado Kalember. Their underage son plays a famous Croatian scientist in the young days, but as the other media have reported almost all of this, we will only mention what has been missing them.

Apart from the already mentioned fact that the spot was financed by Zagreb's citizens, it is worth mentioning that Ana Rucner has been a city representative since May this year. He joined the Assembly on Milan Bandic. The mayor is also the sponsor of the spot that was premiered at the very first day of the first session of the Assembly of this convocation. Well, it was not long, so Rucner came to the band on that night to have a concert at Bundek and to present a family spot with no fear that the quorum of most of the people who was at that time would depend on it.

Mostly, Bandic reminded us that by then agreement with the Independent Party for Croatia Brune Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegovic. As his new coalition partners would not be homeless, Milan Bandic already became 20. July. That day he assigned them to use the space in Jurišić's 25 total area of ​​189 square meters.

Independent will pay 1 134 HRK per month for this space to the city for VAT. That would be all together about seven kunas per square. Otherwise, a small rent for city space is paid by all political parties and most of the associations. Larger prices are only paid by those who have a city budget that is otherwise full, and that is companies and citizens.

However, to be sure that for such low rents and outlets, from the budget all the parties represented in the Assembly will also be paid extra money to work.

Thus, city representatives at the same session, with a lot of quarrels, changed the Trg maršala Tita to the Trg Republike without arguing with the conclusion that for the work of political parties and independent MPs this year from the budget will pay 2.7 million kuna. Those ten million kuna that will be part of the party in this mandate should not be confused with the fees received by all the deputies who are sitting on their private accounts. However, in the case of the Independent for Croatia, it is easy to get confused because in the Assembly they do not act as a party they have founded but as a club of independent MPs.

Because of this legal maneuver, their party from the budget receives nothing but "funds for the work of political parties and independent deputies" are also paid to the private accounts of those deputies. Independent male gender every three months with regular monthly subscription fees will receive another 35 750 kuna, while the Independent Women's Gender will receive every third month on its 39 325 kuna account. The Assembly, in fact, positively discriminates against women.

Zlatko Hasanbegović, Bruno Esih, Ana Lederer, Tomislav Jonjić and Krešimir Kartelo will probably donate some of these money to their party for rent and rent.

This is only a small part of the city's money that Mayor Bandic spent with his acts this summer, while all eyes were lifted off the table from one square.

What else Bandić spent while retaliating Tito, read the next few days.

Because, this is just the beginning of a felon on how and to whom millions of kunas of your money are shared. The costs incurred by changing the name of a square are therefore the rights of the bagatelle. But an efficient smoke curtain.