Most members of Croatian political parties are experiencing their organization as a family as they often express themselves publicly, thinking it is positive. But just for them.

But such a misguided view of politics destroys Croatia, which is then nothing more than a plain territory that serves only to generate revenue and privileges to such families and members.

Why would a party's family experience be something bad?

If the current philosophical and social climate in Croatia is not a sufficient answer, then one needs to remember who, apart from politicians, their organization likes to call families. Of course, they are criminals. And they are most dangerous when they are associated with a criminal family. From ordinary gangs, such criminal organizations are much more difficult to break and destroy, while at the same time their power, destructive action and parasitic needs are unparalleled.

The foundation of their power lies in the maxims that the family is above all and all. From this, the main rules of conduct that guard them from external influences and enemies are also generated.

The first and foremost rule is that mutual disputes between members are never addressed or resolved outside the circle of the family. As far as the inside is concerned, outwardly they have to look unique and work in harmony. Secrets and dirty wounds are never public. That's why, therefore, the Italian Mafia is called ours or ours.

Whoever breaks this rule can expect only one sanction. Death. Although our political parties are not as bloody as the mafia (at least not yet), they can be pretty brutal. This was well felt by Aleksander Kolarić who dared to break this rule. It was not enough for the SDPs to just throw it out of the party because of the public criticism of their own political family.

Save the insult and passionate hatred that this woman exposed to and years after she has merely been hurt by this rule is simply frightening. And her persecution is her politically like-minded. Not the rivals. Among the members of the SDP as if it was an open competition who would be more offended by it, it would be harder to hurt or shy away. So many, and even the author of this text, her desire to return to such a family is simply a Masochist. But apart from being extremely stubborn, Kolarić is obvious, in spite of everything, and quite optimistic. She believes that most SDP members are not the same.

They're just less loud. Which brings us back to the beginning of the problem. If they are silent, what are they doing in a political party? Or they have nothing to say or to keep the first and the main rules of any Mafia family. Sorry, we wanted to write Croatian political parties.

The second rule that holds the power of all criminal families is that the head of the sea must be able to seat only one head. The system is strictly hierarchical with precisely defined powers, rights and obligations to each member. Advice can be given to the leader, but decisions must not be re-examined. His or her is always final and last. The system is overwhelmed by the military as the most efficient and most subdued social organization. That is why the lowest ranked members of the Mafia family are often called soldiers, which is the term used for their members without functions in Croatian political parties as well. Within the family no one except the leader can decide independently. So even about myself. No resignation. It can only be a shift and a dismissal, which in most cases is again a death sentence.

Take the example of Dominic Etlinger. He refused to resign as the secretary of the SDP organization in Zagreb, without requesting the permission of the party president. So now, the president wants to forbid to run for more and more functions in the party. Because, the leader can not listen to it only if it is challenged. Battles for the throne exist but are guided by a rudimentary principle: get killed or be crushed. What is an unscriptural rule in mafia families, Davor Bernardi is now trying to formally record his family's statute. Pardon, let's write your political parties.

The third rule is that every member of the mob is a member of the family that can not be anyone. There are initiation rites and strict and thorough checks for new members. In a certain time, it is necessary to demonstrate attachment to a criminal family not only to become a full member, but also to make progress within that family. And to make progress, that family life is essentially the most important criterion of talent or ability. What is understandable. The family makes the affection and mutual loyalty of its members as proven and shows only through the passage of time. There are exceptions that rule just confirms because the most disparity, misunderstanding and dissatisfaction within a criminal family arises when someone goes through the line. That is why every person who has crossed the stairs must be capable and relentless enough to grumble and grumble quickly, and harmony within the family is quick to regain. And with all means.

Although in principle a member of Croatian political parties can become everyone, this is not the case in practice. It does not become a member automatically by signing up for an entry but only after the approval of one of the party bodies. They are usually the lowest local local organizations that have the maximum discretion to decide whether or not to receive membership. Just like the mafia organizations. Appeals on their refusal are allowed, but usually refused.

In the mafia organizations, the rules for receiving and advancing new members are, however, more clearly defined than in Croatian political parties. And now Davor Bernardi would want to change. Introduce yourself and there a little bit more. How they would not be overwhelmed by those who had been marvelously drawn by party posters for years and frozen in party stands. So they have not been demonstrating their allegiance and loyalty to the party for years, so that, for example, the finance minister or the judiciary instead becomes someone who has only been proven in economics or law at that time.

According to the new amendments to the SDP statute proposed by Davor Bernardi, more noblemen will not be able to become the president of the local organization SDP Spiškovina Donje if, before that, in his village for two years or so, he did not stick to the banners of party leaders.

In this text, we mention only the SDPs and SDPs, although the mafia rules of work and behavior are in effect in all political parties. Perhaps more present and more prominent in HDZ, and especially HNS.

But we mention SDP because there is a debate in the party that will become even more similar to them than they were so far.

We have been trying to open the mind to talk with advocates of introducing these new rules in the SDP to see the positive side that those changes bring. But, we only heard of arguments why such rules are better for the SDP. Not for ideas or policies advocated by the SDP (or better advocated) than for the SDP as an organization. And these arguments would make sense if the SDP was a purpose in itself, and the benefit of its members was the only goal of political action.

But political parties should be something else. They should be the forum for putting ideas and policies to individuals who want to change the whole society better. Political parties should be a platform for easier action of individuals with the same or similar ideals. In order to be more efficient, they must be more open, not even more closed than they were. According to new people and ideas, the parties should be permeable in order to accelerate faster and easier the changes and new policies. This may weaken their organization, but strengthen their policies.

Bernardić, unfortunately, shows more and more that he does not care about any politics, ideas or ideals as he cares about his party and his leading positions in it. It's just important for him and SDP.

And Croatia has learned in a painful and difficult way that what is good for political parties and its leaders is usually not good for her and her citizens (unless they are part of a party). As no country and its citizens are good at being good to the mafia and its members.

Bernardi wants to complete the transformation of SDP from a political party into a political family by introducing new rules. Which means that those who are not members of his or any other political family in Croatia can only expect one thing from the future: in front of the doors of their homes and companies of new violators with baseball sticks.

Pardon, we would like to write officials with party certificates and badge tax inspectors.

To get the mafias to live well, someone has to pay. What our prosperous is only from the rest of the money.

Pardon, we would like to write how politicians thrive only on taxes.

Remember every time someone tells you about a political party as a family.

And how their "family things" do not matter to you.

Their inside parties are all our money spent and stolen the future.