Vinoljupci call spring

On Thursday, 1. March in the Old Town of the Writers' Club, the vintages represent "charming malvasia, unsweetened (and legally ours :) :) terana, seductive masculine and daring swimmers."

The cookery is organized by a well-known principle:

1. Rent a glass with a 50kn back guarantee (beware of the coupon!)
2. Buy a ticket at a price of 100kn with which you get 5 tasting coupons
3. Taste wine at the winemakers (1 coupon = 1 glass = 1 dl wine)
4. Enjoy top wines, talk to winemakers, and enjoyable live music
5. When you run out of a coupon, go back for more
6. Finally, bring your glass back and take your 50kn back