Vinart Grand Tasting - 3 (photo by Facebook @vinartgrandtasting)

Confirm that Vinart Grand Tasting takes on an extremely important place on the Croatian wine scene are also numerous visitors who have been treating the Zagreb House for People and Art for the third year. This year, Lauba hosted 120 wineries from Croatia, but also the world at 3. Vinart Grand Testing wine festival organized by one of the leading Croatian wine experts of Saša Špiranac.Saša_Špiranec

At the festival, only wineries with the invitation of the organizers, who with their quality are leading in the appropriate price range on the Croatian market, can only attend. Although the festival is primarily intended for wine professionals, caterers, and sommeliers who can taste a selection of wines in one place, are welcome all the lovers of fine wines who are in pop-up The winches could again buy some of the harder win-win wines that the winemakers presented this year.

Prior to the start of the festival, attractive workshops were held for which the map was sought more because the participants had the opportunity to taste domestic and foreign wines with the presentation of top quality sommelierMaria Meštrović, Filipa Savic, Emila Perdeca, Siniše Lasana, Darka Lugaric... and winemakers like themselves Marina Markežić, Gianfranca Kozlović, Morena DeGrassija... Through 4 at the Double Tree by Hilton hotel you could be familiar with Dalmatian roses, The iconic icons of Bela voda and Barovo, Kaboli, Korcula Greek, Frankish, Sparrow, Sauvignon White, Trammac, Bomarchese Malvasia ...

In addition to the wines, visitors could also enjoy the collage of vivid pictures with vintage motifs "In Mio Veritas", written by Milislav Mio Vesović, so that Lauba fully justified the name of the home of art and people who joined it for two days love wine.