Want to see from your bar how your Turkish coffee is prepared in an original way in the hot sand, sip it gently and sweeten with rahatlocum and eventually bring a coffee and home delivery package, Quahwa in Tesla's 9 in Zagreb is the place to be sure to visit.

Espresso is not depressed - the motto which Quay likes to emphasize. There are numerous studies that - through the processing of statistical data - show the benefits or the harmfulness of drinking coffee. But what is certain is that people who drink more coffee are more friends with friends and that social component can be the cause of their better health.

Quahwa was at first a non-smoking cafe, which is a bit odd considering the good part

Quahwa interior 1
Quahwa - interior 1 (photo by SZ)

cavers drinking black drink without smokes and no one merak. The guests were not lacking, and you rarely were able to catch an idle bartender behind the bar but now there is another space for another type of addict who, besides the scent of coffee, can also enjoy the tobacco smoke. Aside from preparing you the coffee or tea you have chosen, the bartenders will be in front of you to smudge the coffee that you have decided to bring home and are ready to assist you in choosing or advise why, for example, espresso is better in a large cup: the flavors are better balanced and the espresso is much slower.

Every month, Quahwi prepares a surprise for their guests who have been able to try the already mentioned Turkish coffee made by Kalossi rarity coffee, one of the most appreciated specialty Arabic coffee, which is particularly proud of it. Namely, as early as 20 years ago, owner Robert Pudić started his story arabica coffee, educated, learned the experience and then decided to divide their knowledge and knowledge of coffee not only through the jar but also the coffee knife. Almost every month here you can try something new, so besides the already mentioned Indonesian Kalossi coffee, you could try Ethiopian Harrar coffee, and are in constant supply among the other Brazilian Monte Cristo with the aroma of cocoa, dry fruit, dry raisins and a taste reminiscent of dark chocolate, dark caramel and dry fruit, and Colombian from the region Huila with an aroma of almond, dark chocolate and a flavor reminiscent of sweet caramel, toasted almonds and lemon. All of this we found out by reading the descriptions on organoleptic cards and through a pleasant chat with the bartenders.

Quahwa - Rwanda Nyakizu
Quahwa - Rwanda Nyakizu (photo by Facebook @quahwacoffeeloversonly)

There is currently a month of African coffee and a special offer of African coffee pies: Rwanda Nyakizuwashed (88 / 100bodova), consistent, rounded, light to medium body and balanced flavor, juicy, complex acid, and feel the basil, cranberry and lemonade with an enchanting chocolate finish.

In addition to fine coffee, you can enjoy Quahwi in a number of organic teaspoons, and drink beverages with the main ingredient, of course - coffee.