Nirvana Tribute Band (photo by SZ)

In the Flood tribute i cover bands that spend almost every day in Zagreb, Nirvana tribute band, the most autochthonous reproduction of the original Nirvana trio and the sound and visually - he was guest at the Boogaloo club ten days ago and we peered behind it stage they also talked to the band with a charismatic frontman Jon O'Connor. The turn of the tour that just ended was the twenty-sixth anniversary of the famous MTV Unplugged Concert from 1993. entitled "Grunge night in memory of Curt Cobain". The concert was divided into two parts: the first - acoustic - with the cross section of the song MTV Unplugged, and the other the best of Nirvana, confirmed the statement of the first drummer of the original Nirvana station Aaron Burckhard that the guys "closest to the real thing"

Rarely were able to listen to them live (I'm proud of the owner of 1994 tickets, Tivoli hall, In Utero tour) and I was curious how many guys really have the energy and how much they sound like Nirvana. Jon, Ally i Moyano judging by the enthusiastic reactions of the audience in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Novi Sad confirmed the status of the band that lives in Nirvana and which Loud magazine has presented as one of the best Nirvana tribute bands in the world. Below we bring an interview with Jon O'Connor as an invitation to their next concert as they announced a re-entry into our area. This is your first visit to Zagreb, Ljubljana and Novi Sad, what do you say to the audience? Was the response as you expected, is there a difference in the preparation of performances for different cities?
Jon: Public reactions vary naturally from city to city, and it is very well seen and felt on our side training-And. The audience is sometimes reserved, but more often the space is filled with some electricity, anticipation ..., the excitement is simply felt in the air and we had the impression of having performed in concerts in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Novi Sad. Tell us something about the band, since you are not known to our audience ...
Jon: We've all started playing in this band because we feel a special passion for these songs, and through our live performances, we're trying to get fans of Nirvana and grunge rock afford the feeling they would have had at the Nirvana concert. Ally McLachan is probably the best bass player I've ever met, a complete musician who has studied music at college, and his music knowledge is far superior to mine. He is like a helmsman who skillfully manages a boat and constantly communicates with Moya while we are on training-in. And if Ally's ship, Moyano El Buffalo is the engine that drives it with an unmistakable sense of rhythm. Like Ally, and his experience and music knowledge tremendously. From the moment we were all three together for the first time, it was clear to me that I could not find a better two other musicians who would share the stage with me. We just felt that it was - it ... Why is Nirvana, not some other band of seattle grungy band like Soungarden, Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains?
Jon: The answer is simple: my voice speaks for itself. I'm not trying to sound like Kurt, that's just me. Nirvan is a fan of the first album. I was a kid, an eight year-old when I first heard them and immediately I nodded. I'm looking at kids today in the first row with Smiley face on shirts and I just can not believe how lucky I have been and have lived with Nirvana since the very beginning. Those times were really magical. So you were very young when Kurt and the crew started their adventure, but I still have to ask: Have you ever looked at them and listened aloud?
Jon: Unfortunately, I did not have a chance - Kurt left us a month before they needed to play near my home in Ireland. It was a very depressing experience for me, it was a dark year and I will never forget it. Actually, I do not think anyone who is following Nirvan will not forget those ugly moments. Is there any reason why you changed the band name (Nervana, op.
Jon: Yes, actually for two reasons: First, I was tired of the tipfeler and others - I wanted to distance us from many tribute bands that do not play from love to the band, but because of the world travel and the false sense of something in the music scene. bellowed ego tripaši false personalities. I do not think we are a band that will last for a while and we do not think we are big stars. We do this because we love and respect the fans and songs that we are performing. And that's all… Do you have a Nirvana thing you like to play more than the rest?
Jon: We enjoy doing it Drain You i Love Buzz. But it's hard to choose just one, we do not have a number of 1. The set list is composed not only of things that everyone knows, and there are a lot of things that were on the B side of the singles. In the last few years there is a lot cover i tribute bands have visited Zagreb, and our musicians are increasingly embarking on a similar adventure. What is the situation in Ireland (Jon moved a few years ago from Boston, op.
Jon: I do not know how much tribute bands comes from Ireland, but I know for excellent David Bowie tribute from these areas (Gift from New York, recently visited the Boogaloo Club Massimo as a guest, op. The audience is eager for the old things they grew up with, and the new kids want to hear them live so so much tribute bands cruisers around. What is the current music scene in Ireland?
Jon: As always, new kids and new bands are constantly emerging, some get the chance to hear them, while most still disappear from the scene before they break through. The music industry has changed dramatically, and new kids are increasingly exposed to public exposure. In addition, ether is overwhelmed with meaningless poems written by dozens of boring songwriters, and production is reduced to the use of similar, ineffectual music effects. What are you listening to when you're on a tour?
Jon: I really hear different music, from Son House to Led Zeppelin, Slipknot to Beethoven and Albion. It depends on the mood that day. I've been hooked up lately band Greta Van Fleet & The Ghoastt. You know, or maybe you've heard one band from Croatia?
Jon: Actually, I did not, though I have recently received several links, but I never get the time to listen to them quietly. Next time I will answer this question ... Are you planning to return to Zagreb?
Jon: Clear and loud: YES. We did a great job and the audience was great. The energy simply shifted between us and the audience, and the way our fans followed me singing Nirvana's songs together with me really fascinated me. We really look forward to playing in Zagreb again. Do you have any plans for the future?
Jon: The future has never seemed so good to me: my band Freaks Like Me is returning to the scene and just finish the material for the new album. Philosophies for the modern ant was an album that was fun to play and fans accepted it well. Now is the time to continue the story that was once covered with a veil of secrets, and a lot of changes have taken place. But for me, the most important new bass player in the band is my son Nathan, which makes me very proud. For years he has watched me go to the tour and now is the time to finally have time to tour together. Regardless of the money we make playing in the world, my family is the first. Who knows, maybe Freaks Like Me are coming to Zagreb! But in one thing you can be sure - I'm back in Zagreb !!!