Mason Gourmet Burger (photo by Facebook @ mason.burgers.and.stuff)

Traveling chefs continue to wrap wide smile on the face of gastro hedonists while fatty beards enjoy delicious snacks. This time chef Igor Gudac hosted John Zidar and his franchise Mason Burgers & Stuff u Duck Fast Bistro in Tesla Street.

Winner of the last year Zagreb Burger Festival, chef Ivan Zidar four afternoon occupied Igor's kitchen in Tesla and arranged burgers in prefini biscuits Brioche Bun whose preparation was perfected in a reputable French school Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon. "There is no meat and supplements that can make the impression of burgers for bad rolls ... finally, the baker makes 60% of burgers" - says Ivan while carefully baking the biscuit on half and putting it on a hot roasting pan.

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Such as Gudac master in the preparation of pork chops in the most varied (and completely unexpected) ways, so Zidar he has a doctorate on "every corner can have his own burger if he gets the best ingredients from his kitchen" so he continues to visit local marketplaces in search of fresh groceries. However, unlike burgers specially designed for the Burger Festival - we still recall remembering Zagreb burger with smoked bovine tongue, sour cherries and sauces, and the victorious Shot burger from pearls, junets and Istrian cow cheese - this time Mason presented to Zagreb with four gourmet burgers: Butter, Pačji (Duck), with Roman lamb and Mason burgers will put you saliva on your mouth every time and just think of them!

Burger of Roman lambs yet it was the least surprise: lamb is either worshiped or not even eaten, and lovers of pheasant, crescens, and sometimes romance-celebrating treats will not even notice the addition of radishes, cooked sheep's cheese and spinach because they already have a smell enough for their resurrection. Depending on the season and availability, instead of spinach and radish, the mason sometimes combines young onions and raisins.

Pačji burger has raised eyebrows in style: ohohooo, pacifiers with chest torchon from the lice of the lice and the caramelized pearls are tilted fine dininguburger style. Three strong flavors tend to compete, but after a few bites, tasty buds let you know that burger is perfectly balanced, like a cocktail in which you discover different flavors and smells, but none prevails.

And when you think he can not do better, the mistress carries - Butter burger! Now, only the eyebrows remain in the air in the style of Jack Nicholson because in the baking, except meat - there is nothing. No list of salads, no cheese, tomatoes ... or some unusual foods that you might expect - after caramelized pies or cooked sheep's cheese - under the brioches. Just meat! I like that !!! A piece of local beef with approximately 40% of fat, finely minced than usual as butter, greasy, succulent and soft. A perfect absence that you do not want to read what it says on the wooden board where it is served because it means you've put it down.

It was on the menu Mason burger with a pre-3 week-old meatball in a dry chamber to extract as much water and meat become as soft as possible, and because of the fermentation the taste is even more pronounced. In this burger guests The Shipyard Pub in Pula have been enjoying for some time and we hope that Zidar will soon expand to other cities ...

Gourmet Burger Ivana Zidara must certainly try - if you missed them last week in Zagreb, do not forget that you can eat them during summer Marea Restaurant i Beach Bar na island of LevanIn Paradiso Beach Bar u Peroju, Beach Bar Portich na Kamenjak, and u Beach bar Shark in Fažana.