Ginger Sushi (photo by SZ)

In a variety of Zagreb sushi restaurants and bars, Ginger Sushi in Dugave it provokes its guests by offering "All you can eat"For 149 kn per person.

The first Ginger Sushi bar is open yet 2013. year in Masarykova Street, and Adriana and Zvonimir Dobrović 's owners three years later opened another in Zagreb -

List 1
Ginger Sushi - All you can eat (photo by SZ)

Dugavama! The small and minimalist decorated space became the host All you can eat the actions that hosts describe as a kind of social game. The action lasts for a while and needs to be ordered beforehand, because - the table is busy for a long time, depending on the speed at which you can run Japanese delicacies. In the repertoire are except sushi and miso soup, edam (young soybeans)) i tires wakame (algae with chilli and sesame).

After sitting comfortably on the table sitting on Tabushi taboo, kind and talkable waiter brings you a paper on which you do not sign a waiver statement in case you are past the list of delicacies you can order. In one attack on the kitchen you can order a maximum of 20 pieces and need a little

List 2
Ginger Sushi - List (photo by SZ)

move and figure out how much will be on the plates. Birate between nigiri sushi that are somewhat bigger and you order them per piece (tuna, salmon, beef, bran or sipa), and uramaki (california, tuna avocado, salmon avocado, nordica, ebi tempura or spicy tuna) and hosomaki sushi (tuna, salmon, avocado or cucumber) that come in half dozen formations.

We are saša sashimija as much as you can adventure (ok, ok, sashimi nijesushi, but he spells out the way in which more or less all came to the shadows that come with Japanese precision before them) began miso soup. Miso is the foundation of Japanese cuisine and is served regardless of the time of day with almost every meal. Red pasta (aka miso) of fermented soybeans and rice was suitably salty and supplemented with vegetables and tofu. Juice warming was at the end when we got the first combat kit in the selected combination of 8 nigiri and 5 uramakija (in total 38). We were delighted in-arms of excited tune i nigirija od sepa, glittering shiny and smooth pieces of stick placed on sticky rice, so we repeated them in the other way. In fact, niggers with crabs also gave a good impression and even more fulfilled expectations when they touched our palate. We are only the only ones with the size of the uramakija - you really need to be really tired if you think in one move to sneak into your mouth.

Ginger Sushi 2
Ginger Sushi - All you can eat (photo by SZ)

Slowly squeezing the ordered sushi from the second column, we concluded that we had enough to warm our fingers and coordinate the fine steering wheel motor, so we Iksica put it in front tires wakame algi i edam young soybeans soybeans. Tomatoes are sweet like a young peas, and in algae you can enjoy having fun with sticks while actually looking for a break before putting "x" in the third column.

Although we advise avoidance eat hungry eyes, eat approach - we did not avoid it alone, and in the third column the sign of the illiterate came to an end with four more nagirija and hosomakija. Since the jackets were hanging on the hangers, we did not have enough big pockets in our hand that might have escaped the excess of ordered rolings, so we went to solve the accumulated problems and the court reimbursement and basaiiiii broke cleaned the plates ...
We put them in a total of 55 ..., someone with wine, some with beer, but the relief was the same on both sides of the table.

And for end, the waitress will immediately In the beginning warn that everything you do not eat and order - you have to pay the already mentioned approach "eat hungry eyes, eat... "is not recommended!