Zagreb journalists obviously are not of sufficient quality and sufficient to the mayor Milan Bandić, so he decided to bring his colleagues from Podravina to the capital of Croatia to improve the quality of media coverage of city events. The mayor's act approved for this purpose the payment of 100 thousand kuna to Prigorski media doo from Križevci.
-Prizorski Media doo addressed Mayor Milan Bandić with the offer for media coverage of events in the Zagreb area.
A large number of different activities and events in the city of Zagreb, the need for quality information and their selection of importance and importance, require a high level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism - the mayor explained briefly to his decision. In other words, the city of Zagreb annually announces a competition for the co-financing of various media and so on electronic, but there are also an essential requirement that this media house could not satisfy and that it was addressed to. Namely, one of the conditions of the competition is that the publisher of media is registered or operates in the city of Zagreb.