Wine & Kino (photo by Facebook @WineTimeExperience)

In the wine cellar Bornstein Wine Bar & Shop in Zagreb's Captola of excellent wine, interesting dishes and, of course, good fun has not been missing for almost twenty years. When guests come to Marijan Arman and bring the 6 label from his basement, and the organizer Wines & China Jelena Bulum with Alen Grozje presents 5 films awarded with a total of 9 (more important) Oscars - you do not have much time to reserve your place!

Dust around the Oscars and the right time for the final review of award-winning films in the company of friends of the seventh art, elegant wines Marijana Armana and salmon snacks produced by the wine shop Bornstein. The wine part of the evening will open a sparkling wine Stanzia Brut, and will continue malmsey, Malvazija Gran Cru from 2016., Sauvignon Blanc, Teran Reserva from 2015., and in the spring night they will pass us Muscat. Between gut and some snacks you will be able to find out more about "the most beautiful art in the world"- as his job is described by Arman - and of course his wines from the sunny slopes of western Istria.

Film hosts Jelena and Alen will take on the role of Jimmy Kimmel, who led this year's 90. award to the American Academy of Film Arts and Science and spend us through a movie set of five films that have won prestigious statues this year - we will only list those "more important": Oblik vode (best film, director, scenography, original music), Three posters outside the city (main female and secondary male role), Hidden Love / Call Me By Your Name (adapted scenario), Yeah, Tony (subsidiary role) and Fantomska nit (Costumes).

Bornstein opens his door on Kaptol 19 and flmofiles on Thursday, 5.4. in 19 hours - see you!

Bornstein Wine Bar & Shop (photo by Facebook @ vinoteka.bornstein)