Wine & Kino with Marijan Arman wines (photo by Rene Karaman)

Organized by Jelena Bulum, in the Zagreb Wine Bar and Wine Bar Bornstein this Thursday we enjoyed three times because in the repertoire, apart from the interesting reviews of Alen Grozje and Martino Milinkovic, there were also elegant wines of the Istrian winemaker for several of this year's Oscars Marijana Armana and bruschette from the imaginative kitchen at Kaptol 19.

Arman (photo by SZ)

In an eno-movie night, Arman's Champagne from Malvasia was introduced Stanzia Brut, intense and dry with fruit marks, numerous, intense bubbles. And while we waited for the first Oscar night, Call Me By Your Name, Sommelier Siniša Škaberna he started tasting by combining emotions from the movie with those in the glass, and the first of several versions of bruschetta came to the table.

With fresh tomatoes on bruschetti, and just as fresh Malvazija istarsku we reminded ourselves of the freshness of summer evenings in a small Italian village featured in the first week of the week when the seventeen-year-old Elio was getting his first gay flirt and hit the first kiss, playful and sensual just like Arman's Malvasia ...

The Marijana Armana vineyards are not only one of the most beautiful places in Istria, they are already one of the older, which is especially felt in Malvazija Gran Cru from 2016., a mature, serious wine that can characterize its character and its centuries-old original malvasia. Three posters out of town, a black comedy in which it is phenomenal Frances McDormand launches a real little war against the police, and in the end, and against the entire town of Ebbing in Missouri, the perfect choice with the Gran Cru - and the wine and the film take you slowly, to show, after a while, how multilayered and full of turns.

Marijan Arman wines (photo by Rene Karaman)

The fine selection of wine and film continued with the Fantastic Thread, a peculiar film in which Daniel-Day Lewis plays a perfectionist crown, whose imperfection is the main concern, enjoys finding her, but being embarrassed by ugly when she finds it. This time, film and wine did not have a similar character, but on the contrary: the tense relationships between the characters soften the gentle and finer Sauvignon blancom, solid bodies and velvety structures, which he described in a recognizable style Siniša Škaberna.

The last two combinations have again been the perfect match for wine and film characters, so it is Teran Reserva 2015., featured on film Ja, Tony. A wine of precision-hit acids, a strong scent, and a rich, strong and persistent taste of first-time forest fruits, and then the taste of chocolate, coffee, tobacco and green pepper follows on the palate. The shocking soundtrack of "horrific tragedy of success" as the movie is presented in online magazine Indiewire so it was covered with a tasty avalanche in our mouth. After Arman's Terana you will hardly make a triple axl like Tony Harding, but you will certainly not forget about this round wine, but no Allison Janney who received the Golden Globe and Oscar as the Best Supporting Actress for the role of the hated mummy skater.

For the end, we received this year's Oscar winner of the Best Film - Water Shape - The Ideal Partner of which was semi-sweet Muškat bijeli, a harmonious wine of delicate fruit and flower aromas that have created an unusual association of wine and romantic, odd fantasies about the forbidden love of women and the unusual creatures from the depths of the sea.

Filmmakers have for a while been able to enjoy the movies with a glass of wine in some of the cinemas, but it is especially hard to sip the selected wines with a selection of films in the Upper Wine Bar and Wine Bar Bornstein: the atmosphere, the knowledgeable commentaries and the tantrums are enough to invite you to a new gathering.