From the Zagreb budget, 4050 EUR will be paid to the parish of St.Juraj Mučenika and BI for editing the cost of church environment and chapels at the cemetery in Derventa.
It is interesting that the applicants and Mayor Milan Bandić, who approved the application with his act, thought it would help the returnees of the Croats in that area.
In the request it is emphasized that the martyr of St George's Jurage is trying to improve the quality of life in the place and parish of Derventa, to stop the emigration of the Croatian people and to ensure its survival in this area, and therefore need help from the City of Zagreb for the financial support to co-finance the costs of said reconstruction and arrangement.

And the parish of the Blessed Sacrament of Jesus of Doboj should have an identical amount for decorating the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the environment, and so the mayor of the neighboring state capital met.

And in their request it is emphasized that the reconstruction of the parish will help the Croat survival in that area.