Kolarić Winery, Franjo Kolarić (photo by SZ)

Little Farm Kolarić, located on the wine road towards St. John is hidden and not so small Kolarić winery led by Franjo Kolarić with the family.

Francis, whom some will recognize from the reality show Love is on the village, the little one changed the slogan and his mood was linked to his labels Love is in wine. But that does not mean that Francis abandoned that first love because he was in good luck with his wife (whom he did not meet in the show) and without whom his help and understanding would surely not succeed in building a small wine empire from the small economy. Kolarić currently owns 6 hectares of its own vineyards in which he cares more than the 30.000 chocot, an enchanting wine cellar where he prepares more than 90.000 liters of various varieties and labels of wine and is constantly expanding and improving. Beside the basement there is a wine taster and a restaurant with home cooking for about a hundred guests above which satisfied visitors can rest in one of 15 rustic decorated rooms with 4 stars. The restaurant is used for various occasions, from business to family, and apart from domestic, predominantly meat dishes, they also offer vegetarian and vegan meals, so it is no surprise that Kolarići are the owners of golden plaques Sunflower of Rural Tourism of the Republic of Croatia as the best economy for food and wine preparation.

Economy Kolarić (photo by Silvija Munda, GET Report)

The economy has existed for many years, and the family at the foot of Japetić also owns the mansion of Count Erdödy, built by 1656. year with its terraces offering an exciting view of the sacred villages and vineyards, where the Kolarići offer only indigenous end-of-season specialties of family recipes and, of course, top quality wines.

Vina Kolarić it is still not widely sold, but can be found in restaurants, mostly on the coast, and of course in their restaurants. The label under which a portion of premium quality wines and limited batches, and premium champagne appear in recent years is Coletti, a derivative of a friend contacted by a friend from Italy when he spoke with him Francesco Coletti.

The Kolarić Winery becomes the right destination for wine lovers, which is best served by Franjo who cares about every guest, and so this time he participated in preparing food on the outdoor fireplace in the yard, and even presented 17 label, from sparkling wine to Green silvanca old 21 year from which he saved two hundred bottles. It was the first Francis wine produced by him after his father had offered the winery management now to 1997. years.

The tasting session started with sparkling wine Colts Rose brut, produced by the classic method of 60% of the black pinot, 20% chardonnaya and 20% portugizca, dry, dry and fresh, and Kolarić realized that his intention was to make "real", serious wine. The series continued with wine that does not lack freshness although it is called Be sorry, made from varieties of old pleasing vineyards that can hardly be encountered, and which are still more real today: blue, yellow, stinging belly and kingdom. The wine that once sliced ​​home-made wine is today the main hit, its thin body, mineral and acidic only in the notes, and it is brilliantly pasted with heavy food. Neuburger from 2016. The following year was a logical continuation, as it is another old variety that is a clone of white poppy and green silva.

Pinot Gray is the sort that Kolarić loves most and the most of his wines and sparkling wines is based on it: Classic Pinot pin coles from 2017. and cold macerated Columns pinot gray from 2016. (grapes or mošt are chilled with dry ice, which postpones oxidation and fermentation). Apart from cold maceration, Franjo has introduced another novelty in the production of his wines, and that is sur lie a method that requires that wine without overtaking but with regular mixing remains in the barrel around 12 months on its natural yeast and its own soil.

After the stack, the order came macerated Colette Rajnski Riesling from 2016., Colette chardonnay 2016 manufactured by the above mentioned sur lie method, and four wines directly from the barrel: Chardonnay 2017, Black pinot 2016 i Portugizac who had a gold medal in Hungary, and the Black Pinot (Rosé With Love) from 2015. year whose filling in the bottle is expected for that day.

Semi pinot from amphora (photo by Silvija Munda, GET Report)

It was all an introduction to Gray Stacks iz 1.200 liters amphorae in which it was left about 3 tons of first-grade grapes ("every berry was examined and ejected if it was not perfect") to ferment for about two years and only then proceeded to further processing, followed by at least another two years of drainage in wooden barrels and then a few more months in bottles. It is extracted from amfore whose opening is further protected elephant fat, this wine - although it is a white variety, but because of the fermentation of berries darker pink colors - there is almost no scent, but it is full, already strong, and it is clear that it is a wine of great potential.

When you add the year of waiting to get the wine on the market, with the risk that something goes wrong and the initial costs of buying amphora from Georgia and its installation, you become aware that the wine is not cheap at all ...

After the amphora's wine we thought we could not surprise us anymore, but we were cheated because the love Franjo shows against the gray pinot is especially visible in Selection of gray stacks Labels with Love (With love), a quiet pink wine that she says is neither white nor pink, so she jokes that it can be called and fibrosis.

For the end, sweet wine of pure gray pinot came in the line - late harvest Ivana slatkica, to finish it as it started - with a little more champagne.

After tasting all the 17 wines, we are completely clear why Franjo decided to offer their guests accommodation - Zagreb is not far away, but the way to become curious is not to pay attention to the quantity of tasted wines ...