The Garden Bar & Kitchen (photo by SZ)

In the bistro in the very center of the city, next to the all time Alcatraz, from even the 16 bakeriesThe Garden Brewery stands their entire arsenal of craft beer (even 14) and two beer surprises that will change according to the interests of pivopija. Besides beer, in The Garden Bar & Kitchen a bistro that has already been indoors Nick Colgan it's special

The Garden Bar & Kitchen
The Garden Bar & Kitchen (photo by SZ)

devoted and nurtured attention and hired an energetic chef for the consultant Thuringa Prisku. Aside from helping with the tips, Priska is preparing me every Tuesday with a signature that you should not miss the more than her limited number of hits!

Priska has designed a seemingly simple menu, with a few main courses and a variety of snacks, but all with one goal: for every easter beer on the menu there must be a bite that matches the eastern craft perfectly.

"The concept of a pub that is eating well with us is still alive and guests mostly come to the glass or two crafts of beer" - reveals Priska in a short conversation and goes on: "It's my job to spend one day of the week here and prepare me with three simple food items from Dolce and small OPGs and prepare and present them in an unusual way. Although saturation has come to my mind and I try to rest for a little while, the author Tuesday is at a disadvantage, because I can do my own. "

Though it was recommended by some craft, Priska, in conjunction with brewing brewers, approached the other way: "Simon Wallen recommends the beer that has the task of filling the palate after each turn and preparing it for the next. Only in the desert we are trying to create a real, great flavor bomb in combination with a beer in the mouth. "

The first Menu takeover w. Priska Thuring & friends for Prvi maj Priska prepared rice from the bears as a parsley, the Świć's rib with roasted young carrot and roasted potatoes as a real light the first lunch, and the vanilla cream soup. Simple and effective!

TheGardenBar & amp; Kitchen-23
The Garden Bar & Kitchen, Shared Egg by Priska Thuring (photo by SZ)

This Tuesday sequence is open poisoned eggs with pancetta, micro green and aioli sauce, with a refreshing twist in the classic style that it offers The Garden Saison 2.0. As he loves Indian food, Priska has prepared for the main dish tandoori chicken, a lamb stew with bean and roasted vegetables, after which refreshing and drying The Garden Pilsner Prepare your palate for a simple chocolate brownie with strawberries. The Garden Choco Porter, lightly bitter and rare, completes this breeze-gastronomic delight, which makes it less boring on Tuesday at the beginning of the week.

TheGardenBar & amp; Kitchen-16
The Garden Bar & Kitchen, chocolate brownie with strawberries by Priska Thuring (photo by SZ)
TheGardenBar & Kitchen-27.png
The Garden Bar & Kitchen, terrace (photo by SZ)

At just over 220 squares on two floors, in an industrial setting, architect Željka Pavlinović, who helped Colgan to arrange, also created a special room for smaller groups where it is possible to organize and pivski fine dining for 12's people, while guests at the cafe and on the terrace for the guests are delighted by some of the famous DJs.

The beer is still credited with the New Zealander Nick Calder-Scholes, which holds a verified receptacle of unfiltered and unpasteurised beers with local and natural ingredients, which is why it is not a problem for cockroaches to pull up to Žitnjak.

Now the beer belly (yes, yes, oxymoron) can be filled in the very center of the city, and as we have recommended at the beginning, it is obligatory to come, especially on Tuesdays when you can taste the tasty buds with the simple but slim spells of Priske Thuring.

Piviliiii !!!