Haustors at Masaryk Street in the center of Zagreb have for some time been a oasis of peace where restaurants, snack bars and bistros with a variety of attractions attract more and more not only tourists but also giggling in search of gablecom that does not necessarily eat a spoon.

Recently open fast casual bistro beast in Masaryk's 11, spouse Maja Bučić and Ante Grabic, who sought out the craft in Jelsa on Hvar where they went Flying Pig Offers brunch to 12 and lunch course from 12 hours. Meat, milk and dairy products come from a proven source from Drniš, and everything else comes from Dolac and small OPGs whose quality is still in the first place.

Beštija (photo by Maja)

You will not find the late breakfast offer already scared softly boiled egg surrounded by barley and laid on young spinach. In the menu you will not find any already annoying scrambled eggs or omelettes roast egg on the eye with roast frying and unusual morning scent: a palace with a homemade marmalade! The offer will of course be changed depending on the available and fresh food at this point, but in the next couple of days you can also have a sandwich of lamb in homemade sour cream with paprika and flavored cream. For classics, these are combinations of cheese + jam + brioche or yogurt only crunchy homemakers.

If you can not keep up with your morning business commitments, you can eat a quick lunch samo carrot juice, a combination of celery, cauliflower and pasterns, vegetable dish (surprises). Take a minute off, bait with beer and pancetta they made us more than an interesting choice, and the Tatar beefsteak and vegetable chips look more than tempting.

Beštija, mame ovako i onako ... (photo by SZ)

With the offer of crafts, Beštija offers liqueurs and cocktails, as well as a fairly good selection of wines. If nobody's gonna hurt you Dräger under your nose and decide to drink a glass of wine (among others, on the list are also Clai, Stina, Bolfan but also Hvar wine Jo Ahearne), Maja recommends more specific snacks like roasted lamb with roasted potatoes with salad and of course the bow, a pork with marjoram, apple and sage be memories of ancient times. Salty, lemon and salty mushrooms, although served as a main course, can be a delicious appetizer while awaiting ragu kozlića with broccoli and restano potatoes.

The service is fast and efficient, and the local cafeteria a few meters from the busy road will ensure you a pleasant break for lunch with a good companion and friendly staff ...

Beštija ..., brzo i fino (photo by SZ)