Vina Franković, Josip Franković (photo by Morana Popovčić)

Valuable hands of family members Franković they took advantage of the position of Santa Lucia between Buje and Brtonigla in the best possible way: the white Istrian country, the Croatian sun and their involvement, but also the passion for each year yields better quality grapes and better wines, especially malvasia and teran, and of course the momian man.

So this year, from the 119 medals of Croatian winemakers at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, even 45 went to Istria; we collected 10 gold medals, half of which ended in Istria. One of the gold has come in Franković winery, and with the addition of another silver medal they continued a series started last year with gold-fried male mom's Luna d 'Oro.

A combination of youth and experience - apart from Father Joseph, Laura and son Mario are also part of the process - the guarantee of success and the continuity of excellence he cares. Believing that "Wine production is an art that lives and feels," Joseph and his family produce Franković's wines with a personal stamp, recognizable by both scribes and buyers.

Vina Franković, logo

With love for nature, Josip Frankovic inherited his father's passion for horses and riding. Apart from the logo in which horses and vines are intertwined, the names of wines such as Korone, Stelle and Luna Biance suggest a symbol of the co-existence of nature and man.

Wine Franković, love for nature and horses

The renowned wines, as well as the other wineries Franković presented were famous sommelier Sandi Paris, who with unmerited enthusiasm told her that she watched their wines while they still showed potential, and that they are now coming to their peak. In addition to Decanter's awards, Franković's wines have also won this year's Vinistra 4 Gold Medal.

The Golden Decanter medal was awarded this year malmsey Franković Crown Sur Lie Harvested 2016., which set 10 months in wooden barrels. It is "wine that gives its full-bodied and long-lasting flavor with its creamy texture aftertaste which remains indelible in memory. The wine is characterized by the refined and beautiful development of honey, vanilla and oak on the palate. "For our tastes, a little over-the-counter alcohol, but a ripe green apple on the nose and cremation have made the impression better.

The silver medal was awarded Franković wine Teran berbe 2017., the characteristic ruby-colored colors with purple glitter as you roll it into the glass. Buttered tannins, lined in barrique barrels, is a wine that carries a fine, pronounced and persistent aroma with fruity shades of cherry and cherry. It is a young Terana who will stay in barrique barrels for some time and his fullness should only come to fruition. We really liked it so we even thought about stopping just on it ...

But after a short break, Sandi met us with sparkling wine Stella, characterized by expressive freshness, flatteriness and lust. Champagne Stella is extremely harmonious, long aftertaste and harmonious perlage.

When we are already strayed, we also tried two fresh wines, Franković Malvazija and Franković Sauvignon, both wines of last year's harvest. Franković Malvazija 2017 The wine is balanced, with a fine and pleasant scent, and it is delightful with its pleasant freshness. Franković Sauvignon 2017 it is light, aromatic wine that blends fruity aromas of peach and pineapple, accompanied by light floral hues.

It was also presented male mom's Luna d 'Oro, the right artwork for everyone's palate, was awarded the gold medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards last year, and Vinistri was named the best wine in the men's category. Desert wine Luna d'Oro is made by a special method of dried berries - raisin. The wine is characterized by a sweet sweetness with a rich grape and dried fruit character that gives incredible fullness of taste.

Team Dubravka's way he completed the presentation of the wine with a few plush snacks that helped us to straighten down to the city - we did not expect anything else ...

With wine, Frankovici produces olive oil Amfiterra, which are used to prepare dishes in their sharpness Rondo. The name comes from the olive-grove in the form of terraces reminding of the amphitheater, and the blend is more varieties: buza, fantoio, bjelica istarska, leccino and pendolino are the components of this extra virgin olive oil, extremely green, pungent and pleasantly bitter.

Amphitheater, Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Franković Family (photo by Facebook @vinafrankovic)

On the menu in Ronda you will find a varied offer of "overhead, underground and underwater culinary ingredients". Not surprisingly, Rondo has an AZRRI certificate for meat preparation from Boškarina. Sparkling Water With Simple Phylosophy: The guide through seasonal foods is a moment of natural maturity of food and it is the right (and only time) to settle on me.

If you are playing, the Franković family offers accommodation and so you can relax with some glasses. Istria is again called !!!

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